Meet the car that Rubius’ partner would inherit

Meet the car that Rubius’ partner would inherit

One of the most important youtubers in Spain is Rubius, so we review what car he would inherit from his partner. Swipe and check which car we’re talking about!

One of the most important youtubers in the last 10 years has been Rubius, who knew how to change the way of making all kinds of content. On the other hand, the youtuber from Madrid is a person who likes cars, so we reviewed what car he would leave his heritage partner.

Without a doubt, the Madrid straemer has marked a before and after in the way of making videos for users to consume. The numbers are what show the success it has had in the last decade, because it has more than 60 million subscribers on YouTube and Twtich, the most popular streaming platforms today.

On the other hand, cars are an important part of his career, since he has made all kinds of videos with different gameplays, such as learning to drive. However, in real life, the Youtuber from Malaga wants a car that only serves him to go and return from one point to another and that is with an automatic gearbox, not a manual one.

Due to this, the Spaniard currently owns a second-hand Smart because he commented, in a broadcast on Twitich, that he bought it for seven thousand euros and that he decided to have that car because he tried the Willyrex one and it works well. This small car measures 2.6 meters, reaches a maximum speed of 155 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 in 14.4 seconds, as reported by

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It should be remembered that Rubius had the opportunity to test a Porsche 911 to promote the movie Bad Boy III. Despite this, the Spanish streamer is a person of modest tastes in relation to cars and that could be the car that he would leave his partner as an inheritance.