Marvel Studios will add a shocking female character

Marvel Studios will add a shocking female character

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe has many female characters to choose from and it seems that they are clear about their next star.

The post-credits scene of The Eternals (2021) added to Blade since we could hear his voice warning Dane Whitman (Kit Harington). Now, Marvel studios is planning a solo installment of this character and we know more details of a female role for which they are looking for the perfect actress.

A casting call for Blade describes the female character that they will add:

“Marvel Studios is looking for a French speaking North African actress (ages 20-40) to play a character named FAIZA, who is described as a tough and agile fighter with a strong presence. She is also a conversationalist who never backs down. Potential candidates for the position must be open to the training period in advance. Actresses with fighting experience are encouraged to come forward. ‘

Dr. Faiza Hussain marvel studios

Who can be Fazia?

Description and name perfectly match the Dr. Faiza Hussain, whose code name is Excalibur since it was precisely the first Muslim woman who wielded the legendary sword of King Arthur. She worked for him MI13 and met Dane whitman during the Skrull invasion of Earth. They came to have a romantic relationship. Faiza He fought alongside Doctor Strange and Captain Britain, but also faced incredible villains such as Dracula. Which shows that it has a connection with Blade and that is precisely what they could teach in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

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Remember that first we will see the series of Disney plus titled Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac What Marc spector. But it is already being speculated that the character played by Ethan hawke will be Dracula and also that we will see Blade from Mahershala Ali. So we can check how all the pieces are starting to be placed on the big board. Marvel studios.