Marvel Studios has released a character poster for last week’s Loki season finale.: “For all time. Forever”, and officially presents “The one that remains “

Marvel Studios has released a final character poster on the occasion of last week’s season finale for Loki: “For all time. Forever”. In it we can see the variant of Kang played by Jonathan Majors, “The one that remains “.

In the last chapter of the first season of LOKI “For all time. Forever” we watched as Loki ends up in another timeline… one ruled by Kang the Conqueror!

At the beginning of the episode, we met “The one that remains”, a variant of Kang the Conqueror who had created the Time Variation Authority in an effort to preserve a unique timeline and prevent his variants from engaging in a Multiversal War. Yes OK “The one that remains” is a dark villain of Thor from the comics, this version was more similar to Immortus, although to tell the truth it would be a mixture of both.

Jonathan Majors did an incredible job bringing the variant of Kang to life in the series, but after Sylvie ended his life, the Multiverse has been reborn and his Variants have materialized as the great threat he had warned of.

That doesn’t bode well for The Avengers, and it seems likely we’ll see Majors play many different versions of Kang in the years to come, with his character as “The Conqueror” certainly become the new great evil of the MCU. Kang once effortlessly defeated Thanos in the comics, so Earth’s mightiest heroes are in deep trouble once they finally cross paths with the villain.

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You can see the poster below

The one that remains Loki

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