Many streamers are no longer streaming Diablo Immortal

Many streamers are no longer streaming Diablo Immortal

It was inevitable that the first impulse of Devil Immortal lose strength. There was no way the mobile version of Diablo was going to be able to maintain the levels it reached thanks to the controversy and media attention. However, it is certainly surprising to see how quickly Diablo Immortal’s popularity has fallen, at least when it comes to support from streamers and viewers of Twitter.

Well, last week we saw how more streamers important of Devil Immortal They have decided to walk away from the game. Perhaps the most significant departure from the Diablo Immortal streaming community is that of Quin69. Some will remember Quin69 as the unlucky soul who decided to keep spending money on Diablo Immortal until he got a 5-star gem.

Quin69 spent $16,000 in microtransactions on Devil Immortal before getting a 5 star gem. To celebrate, she deleted her character. He also harshly criticized Diablo Immortal and encouraged his viewers to delete accounts of him. Another significant dropout from the Diablo Immortal scene is YouTuber wudizo.

The YouTuber is known to be a major content creator in the Diablo scene with hundreds of videos related to Diablo 3, Diablo 2 Resurrected, and other ARPGs. The content creator made a lengthy video breaking down his thoughts on Diablo Immortal since the game’s announcement. The simplest way to describe wudizo’s thoughts, in his own words, is that “Immortal Devil was always going to be a short-term game.”

The number of viewers of Twitter in general has also decreased drastically for Devil Immortal. Peak viewership at the height of Diablo Immortal’s popularity was nearly 224,000 Twitch users across 2,700 channels. That was June 2, the game’s release date.

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Now, a month later, the peak of daily audience in Twitter is struggling to reach 2,000 viewers on 130 accounts. Not only is this below Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, but it’s almost the 500th game in the Twitch rankings.

Maybe the streamers have been angry about Devil Immortal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the game won’t succeed. It’s entirely possible that the ARPG will continue to have a vibrant community of gamers and big spenders. Time will be the final judge of Diablo Immortal.