Man sells his collection of Hot Wheels to pay for his wedding |

Man sells his collection of Hot Wheels to pay for his wedding |

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve a greater good, this happens with both material and sentimental things, that has led a man to have to get rid of a precious treasure in his life, his collection of Hot Wheels. It is worth noting, that this is a market for rare items that grow a lot in price as the years go by.

The whole story was revealed by Facebookwhere a user known as slicksexposed a subject named Manuel Tijaboywho uploaded photos of an open trunk with a sign that includes the quote “I sell my Hot Wheels to pay for my wedding.image to which many people reacted and commented through the social network of mark zuckerberg.


Among the most repeated comments is that of “don’t sell them”, implying that perhaps it is something that would not be worth it, given that marriages do not usually last forever. Another one that also became quite strong was “If you have to sell them, don’t marry her”, to this are added options such as getting married in a civil way so as not to spend.

He has also been advised not to marry, not specifically for selling the collection, since getting rid of something like that would indicate that he would not be ready to marry financially. In addition, they mention that if the couple really wanted him, he would not ask him to sacrifice something so valuable with the mission of having the celebration of his dreams.

editor’s note: In the end, we don’t really know for what reason he is offering his entire collection, or maybe the girl means so much to Manuel that he gave her priority above all else. This could be a boon for more toy car collectors, as they might find a missing part on the shelf.

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Via: Facebook