Louxxei cosplays Cammy White from Street Fighter

Louxxei cosplays Cammy White from Street Fighter

The Street Fighter series remains one of the most important in video games and not only for the fighting genre, thanks to which we constantly see very talented fan art and cosplays. The cosplayer Crystal o louxxei made a cammy white cosplay recently, with which we can accompany the wait for the following news of Street Fighter 6.

Actually, Crystal has only been dedicating herself to cosplay for a couple of years, but in this time we have seen how the quality of her costumes has improved, since she went from making amateur cosplays to representing the characters she chooses in the most faithful way possible, as we see with her Cammy White cosplay from Street Fighter.

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Cammy White is the second most popular female fighter in Street Fighter, after Chun-Li, so we’ve seen plenty of cosplayers bring her to life with their costumes. The first time we saw Louxxei cosplaying as Cammy White was in February of this year, but a couple of months ago she shared her cosplay again for the announcement of Street Fighter 6.

The second time we saw Crystal cosplaying as Cammy White we saw her imitating the fighter’s poses in the Street Fighter games, which got her a very positive response from her fans. Although these have been the only times Louxxie has cosplayed Street Fighter, her cosplay has been so well received that it might not be the last.

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If you like Crystal or Louxxie cosplays, I recommend that you follow her on her social networks, because Cammy White’s cosplays are just proof of what she has been publishing in recent years, playing characters from video games, anime and manga with an original style.