look through someone’s window in over 120 countries or share what you see from yours

look through someone’s window in over 120 countries or share what you see from yours

a window to the world, a site that allows you to look outside someone’s window somewhere else. A community of hundreds of thousands of users that has become a nice escape for those of us who spend a lot of time at home in front of the computer.

Its name is Windows Swap, a website that we talked about in 2020 and that became extremely popular in the toughest days of the pandemic and confinement, and that has just released a new version to make it easier to share your own view and monitor how many people have looked out your own window.

If you didn’t know about it until now, it’s very simple, it’s a fairly minimalist website in which with just one click you can see a video of a random window view anywhere in the world, with sounds included. It is something that can be extremely relaxing.

WindowsSwap 2.0

WindowSwap has grown tremendously since its inception back in 2020, currently receiving approximately half a million visits each month, and already have window views in more than 120 countries of the world. Precisely for this reason they have wanted to improve the website to offer a more complete experience.

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The new version retains the minimalism of the original but it brings a good handful of functions that we can all take advantage of:

  • Now you can create a profile in WindowSwap.

  • You can save your favorite windows in bookmarks.

  • It’s easier to upload your own video, you no longer have to fill out a Google form but there is a new collaboration page. You have the option to tag what’s in your video, and you’ll receive an email notification when your window moves through the queue and approval process.

  • You can track the views of your window and know the number of people who have looked through it.

  • You can plot a map of the location of each window.

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WindowsSwap is a little treasure on the web, it is completely free, but if you want to collaborate with the site you can make a donation or subscribe for 20 dollars a year to absolutely unlock all the windows that have been published. It is completely optional.