Long live the Russian Dacia Duster! AvtoVAZ will manufacture Renault’s SUV under the Lada brand

Long live the Russian Dacia Duster!  AvtoVAZ will manufacture Renault’s SUV under the Lada brand

Dacia Duster fans in Russia can be in luck. The successful SUV, sold in this market as Renault, will continue to live once the Renault Group leaves Russian territory. AvtoVAZ will continue to manufacture the Duster for the Lada brand.

The Dacia Duster it is an unqualified commercial success in Russia. Dacia’s affordable SUV, sold on Russian soil as Renault, has been garnering extraordinary sales figures. That is why, when it was announced that the Renault Group was leaving Russia and getting rid of its assets in this very important market, all the alarms went off.

The continuity of the Duster in Russia, as well as the rest of the Renault range, was questioned. However, the Russian Duster fans can rejoice. And it has been confirmed that this model will remain alive. Now, there will be important. We must bear in mind that the Renault brand has decided to leave the Russian market with all that this implies.

The Renault Duster is a bestseller in Russia. In 2021 it underwent a major renovation

The Renault Duster will stay alive under the Lada brand

Renault has written off all its assets in Russia. Its share in AvtoVAZ (Lada) has been sold for the symbolic price of one ruble to the Russian Automotive Scientific Research Center (NAMI). You will have the option to get it all back in six years. The Renault Group and the Ministry of Industry and Trade officially announced that the Russian assets will become state-owned.

The agreement established with the Renault Group establishes that the entire range of current models will be preserved. All eyes are on him Duster, the best-selling Renault model in Russia. Well, the low-cost SUV will be marketed under Lada. The serial production process will take place in Togliatti.

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remains to be seen what will happen to other models like the Sandero and the Logan. We must not lose sight of the Kaptur and the Arkana either. It is expected that in the short term they will continue to be manufactured, although replacing the Renault logo with that of Lada and with equipment adjusted to the times in the Russian automotive industry. Times marked by the scarcity of components.

Renault Duster
The Renault Duster will wear the Lada badge to remain on sale in Russia

A success, sales of the Duster in Russia

In the convulsive year 2021 marked by the stock crisis in dealerships due to the global shortage of microchips and the last blows of the coronavirus pandemic, the Duster was the ninth best-selling car in Russia with a total of 41,471 registered units. It was able to beat the Nissan Qashqai and the Toyota RAV4, both of which are very popular with Russian drivers.

The Russian Duster was also updated in 2021. A complete renovation that brought, in addition to a new exterior design, numerous new features in terms of technological and mechanical equipment. A set-up that was key to boosting its sales.

Last but not least, we must remember that the Duster has also been marketed in Russia under the Nissan brand. Specifically, the Nissan Terrano sold in Russian dealers is nothing more than a Duster highlighted with a front in line with the design that Nissan models wear in that country.

Source: Kolesa