Folding tables are a great solution for small spaces, as they hardly take up space, and can be opened when you need to cook or entertain at home. At Ikea, they have a folding table, the Norden model, which is a classic in this Swedish decoration firm.

The table is a must have of the firm thanks to its simplicity, and its functionality. With a typically Scandinavian design, the Ikea table is designed so that 4 people can eat, and it has drawers to store cutlery and napkins. Its price? 159 euros.

Winter 2021 news – IKEA

Norden table from Ikea

Norden table from Ikea

And now, the German supermarket chain Lidl has launched a table with a design very similar to the classic Ikea at a price well below that of the Swedish firm: Lidl’s folding table costs 119.99 euros.

The Lidl table is white (in Ikea, in addition to the white model, they also have a model with a birch finish, so it offers more combinations to adapt to any kitchen or living room), it is designed so that 4 people can eat , and it has two side trays that allow you to extend the table.

Folding table

The main difference with the table from Ikea is that while the table from the Swedish company has 6 drawers (3 on each side), Lidl’s table has 4 drawers (two on each side), in addition to a shelf at the bottom. Otherwise, both tables are quite similar when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Folding table

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