Lia makes amazing Yoruichi Shihouin cosplay

Lia makes amazing Yoruichi Shihouin cosplay

The anime bleachplans to return to the screens of the world very soon, so his fans have been very active and excited about the franchise, it is worth mentioning that among them are a large number of cosplayers who have shown their emotion, so they will not let go an important occasion, without showing us some of his best versions of our favorite characters from this legendary anime title.

How do you know, there are unknown cosplayers or those who are starting in the world of cosplay, but not all cases are like that, since there are some girls who already enjoy a large number of followers and perform great cosplay versions that you will surely love, and in this time we will show you the fabulous version of a popular cosplayer, who impresses us in each photo session with her great shots and all her charm in front of the camera.

He presents us his best version of yoruichi shihointhe powerful and former captain of the Gotei 13 Second Division of Bleach, who appeared at the beginning of the series as an adorable black cat with golden eyes and part of her main characteristics is that she was able to speak, but under her feline appearance, He had a voice so deep that everyone assumed it was a male cat.

So when he became human, everyone was impressed to see him take the form of a very attractive woman, with dark skin, very large breasts and a slender body with defined curves, along with impressive eyes that hypnotize, a girl who also having a great personality, he enjoyed intelligence, a mind full of knowledge about Soul Society, so his rise was rapid and he earned a special place.

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This beautiful American model is called Alia Shelesh, but she is better known on social media as Liaa popular youtuber, very beautiful who you will find on her Instagram @sssniperwolf, where she has just over 5.5 million followers, where she shares great cosplay and looks fantastic taking over the camera.

We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, if so, let us know through our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.