Learn to program HTML and CSS for free from scratch with these courses

Learn to program HTML and CSS for free from scratch with these courses

More and more people are looking to learn to program. And, although there are a large number of free resources on the net, it is very difficult to find the one that best suits our needs. Above all, if we do not have previous experience or knowledge in the field of programming. The first thing we must be clear about is what type of programming we want to learn. And if the answer is web programming, here you will find everything you need to be able to start from scratch to create your projects.

The Web programming it is, as its name suggests, the one that will allow us to create web pages of all kinds, whether they are static websites (although they are less and less used), or dynamic pages, such as shops, newspapers or blogs. The web programmer is the one in charge of shaping the page, giving it a style, a design, and making sure that it works and looks good on all types of devices.

Learn HTML5 from scratch

The first thing we are going to see is HTML5. This is the basic language used to create web pages. This language is the one in charge of shaping the page by defining its blocks and contents, but leaving aside everything that is style.

This course, for example, covers the basics to start programming, starting from scratch from what HTML is to the use of audio and video tags, and even iframes.

We can also find another complete course, lasting another two hours, in which he will explain everything we need to know to start programming in this programming language. We can see from an introduction to how to use an IDE and the most common mistakes we can make while learning all the functions and features of this language.

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Learn CSS to design websites

Once the page has its structure defined, it must be made beautiful. And this is what the CSS takes care of. For example, in this first course we will be able to see a complete introduction to CSS and CSS3, as well as all the elements that shape this programming language.

And another similar course in which we will be able to learn everything necessary to program in this language, which we will see below. Although the content is similar (in the end, CSS is a design language), from other points of view it covers aspects that can be complicated in other videos.

Bring the web to life with JavaScript

Lastly, we must also have some knowledge about JavaScript. This programming language is infinitely more complete (and complex) than HTML and CSS. But it is a very important part of web programming. Two hours are not enough for us to see everything that it allows us to do, but we can get some basic notions of this language in 10 hours through the video that we are going to see below.

With it, we can go from zero to “junior” covering the most essential aspects of this language. A good opportunity, once you have mastered HTML and CSS, get out of your comfort zone and take your first steps a little further.