Apple will modify the logistics of product retail sales in Korea. As recently confirmed, through a report from The Herald Economic Daily local, Apple has closed an agreement that will allow the sale of iPhones in LG stores, “LG Best Shops”, in South Korea, starting in August.

Apple will sell its products in LG stores

The list of products that will go on sale in 400 LG stores nationwide, includes iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. As part of the agreement between the two parties, all Macs are excluded from salesas LG’s laptop offerings overlap with Apple’s.

Apple will sell its iPhone in LG stores

Recently, LG Electronics announced its withdrawal from the mobile business. So from the end of this month, the retail space previously used to market its phones will be empty. This has been one of the main reasons why Apple has seen the opportunity to increase its retail presence in Korea and the two companies began negotiations.

Initially, LG faced strong resistance from the National Mobile Communications Distribution Association, which viewed the proposal as a direct violation of a previous “win-win” competition agreement related to the sale of mobile phones. However, regulators have cited a “negotiable in case of change” clause, given its change of position in the industry.

In South Korea, Samsung controls more than 67% of the smartphone market share, while Apple recorded a market share of 22% during the first trimester, according to Counterpoint research. LG, which is ending its smartphone operation this month, had a 10% market share, which is what Apple and Samsung will pursue from now on.

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