The franchise of Metal Gear Solid It is one with many deliveries, however, this was not always the plan of its creator, Hideo Kojima. During an interview with Game Developer, the music producer for MGS, Rika Muranaka, said Kojima I had no intention of making more games in this series, but Konami he insisted because of how successful they were.

Here in his own words:

“Hideo didn’t want to do a franchise like Final Fantasy. So he and Konami fought it out, because they said ‘it was a success.’ This was said by the executives. Hideo being an artist, he wanted to make different games. But the first Metal Gear was so successful that everyone wanted a sequel. It’s quite a difficult position, as your game becomes someone else’s. “

Muranaka also commented that Kojima I wanted to hire Hans zimmer to compose the music for the second game, but this option turned out to be too expensive, so they instead went for Harry Gregson-Willians, who at the time was also working alongside Zimmer.

“Because we were very successful with Metal Gear Solid, Hideo said, ‘Okay, we have a budget, maybe we can hire a Hollywood songwriter.’ We went to Media Ventures (now known as Remote Control Productions), which is Hans Zimmer’s studio. We originally wanted Zimmer, but he told us that for that amount of money he couldn’t do it. He is someone very expensive. “

Gregson-Williams mentioned that he hadn’t considered composing music for video games at the time, but he still ended up working with Kojima until 2014. Later, Gregson-Williams he also worked on many games of Call of Duty.

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Via: Game Developer