Kojima Says His Next Game Will Be One Everyone Will Want To Play

Kojima Says His Next Game Will Be One Everyone Will Want To Play

Speaking to NHK radio, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding, Hideo kojima, referred to his next game as a AAA title that will catch the attention of the whole world. At the moment almost nothing is known about Kojima’s new game, other than that production will begin this year. However, the legendary game designer jokes about his plans from time to time, with one of them pointing to his interest in exploring something of an experimental and “radical” nature.

Hideo Kojima’s most recent interactive adventure, Death Stranding, hit store shelves for PS4 in late 2019, then migrated to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in mid-2020. , Norman Reedus, was the protagonist of the game, meeting with the creator of Metal Gear after his failed attempt to revive Silent Hill for Konami. Though rumors and speculation suggest that the duo will re-team for a Death Stranding sequel, this project has yet to be officially announced. Whatever Kojima has up his sleeve is sure to appeal to the eye, regardless of the details.

Twitter user Genki_JPN translated Hideo Kojima’s remarks during a recent interview for NHK radio’s “Wonderful World of Game Music” special. According to the translator, Kojima said that his development team is producing “a great AAA title that everyone will want to play.” He reportedly added that the team is experiencing setbacks, disclosing that Kojima Productions is still small and that it is having trouble recruiting overseas talent due to the global pandemic.

The “AAA title” comment seems daring, but Kojima rarely exercises modesty when it comes to talking about his work. Given Kojima’s track record, it’s hard to argue that such pride isn’t justified. Now, the question is when the studio intends to share concrete details about what will come next.

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Kojima Productions hasn’t released a new title in over two years, but Death Stranding was given a new opportunity in 2021 courtesy of the Director’s Cut on PS5. This version of the experience added widescreen mode, 3D audio, racing tracks, and a host of other enhancements. During CES 2022, the company confirmed that a similar iteration will arrive on PC sometime in the spring, featuring Intel’s Xe Super Sampling graphics technology, a machine learning technology that has a lot in common with Nvidia’s DLSS.