Koch Media renews itself and changes its name to PLAION

Koch Media renews itself and changes its name to PLAION

This week the company Koch Media GbmH announced that all Kock Media companies in the world will be renamed PLAIONa new name that seeks to reflect that the company puts the game first, since it sounds similar to the expression “Play On”, which means “Keep playing”.

Koch Media is undergoing a complete rebranding and one of the first steps is its name change to PLAION. PLAION will continue to work with its partners to produce, deliver and publish the highest quality experiences made around the world.

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Due to the name change, PLAION co-founder and CEO, Klemens Kundratitz, gave a message in which he said that he had been building a front-line business for the industry for the last 28 years, but growth has accelerated and they are increasingly diversifying. more, so the name change seeks to reflect the new nature of the company.

Koch Media, now PLAION, will continue to expand around the world and they chose the new name to reflect who they are and what journey they are on. “Our new name offers us the opportunity to build on our rich history as a publishing partner and our extraordinary network of world-class creative and development studios,” Klemens said in his statement.

Koch Media’s new name came alongside a new logo depicting the interactive play button with an abstract P and a bow, which serves as symbolism for the connection players have with PLAION.