Kia is a benchmark in sustainable mobility. Now, in addition, it is in sustainability in terms of the use of materials. The next generation of the Niro can serve as an example.

Taking a look at the automobile market in recent years, it has been seen how the commitment to hybrid and electric mechanics continues to increase. The arrival of new, more efficient engines has made it possible to improve their market shares compared to options based on fuel consumption. In this sense, the pull of this technology in South Korean manufacturers has been one of the causes of the rise of the ecological transition.

Following this guideline, Kia has become a true benchmark in the sector. The commitment to sustainability has become one of the main objectives of the brand. In this way, it is a manufacturer that offers mechanics with various degrees of electrical advancement. In your catalog we can find a Kia Niro hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an all-electric version. In this context, it has been wanted to give a twist in the renewal of this model.

After months of speculation, details regarding the new generation Niro have become known. It is one of the most anticipated updates on the market and, of course, the announced novelties have only increased the expectation. The US division has presented some of the new solutions that can be seen in the second generation of a model that hit the market in 2017 and that, curiously, has only undergone a restyling.

Kia, in recent years, has become one of the most prominent companies when it comes to electric mobility. The main objective of the strategy bet is to reach a potential market with a greater prominence than the competition. Nevertheless, this new strategy has as an additional goalIn addition, do so through the use of technologies that have a lower impact with regard to the environment.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the most outstanding characteristics of the novelties that have been presented recently, why can they mark a before and after when it comes to utilization of materials and, of course, to what extent Kia can maintain the quality provided in the current generation on the platform that is to come.

A complete remodeling at an aesthetic level and inclusion of sustainable solutions

It remains to be known what will be the available engines and their corresponding prices. However, it is already possible to know what some will be like changes in the company’s philosophy. Among the novelties that are attracting the most public attention, it is worth highlighting, mainly, the presence of biodegradable materials and the use of less polluting compounds for the environment. Some solutions are applied to the consumer and others will go directly to the assembly line.

The next-generation Kia Niro will come with more sustainable equipment. Electrek

The aesthetics of the Niro will change drastically in the near future. This fits in with a new aesthetic characterization of the company. Releasing the new logo of the firm, it should be noted how LED type light strips will offer a much simpler look. In fact, the headlights reduce their presence compared to the model from which it is derived. Now, why are its main novelties related to aspects of the interior and the color of the body?

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In terms of exterior tone, Kia will implement solutions that involve the use of less polluting elements. Following what can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, new paints will arrive without BTX. In this way, there will be a differential element in terms of sustainability, since there will be fewer polluting emissions in the production centers of the South Korean manufacturer.

At the interior level, it is striking to see how, for example, the seats will be made of polyurethane bio-based and a material extracted and derived from eucalyptus leaves. The ceiling, on the other hand, will be made from recycled wallpaper, so safety will not be compromised. These are alternatives that mainly seek to change the production trend within the automobile industry.

A hybrid or electric car that introduces new variables in its production

It would be useless to have an electrical mechanics if, later, the use of materials does not follow the same trend or philosophy, right? This is just what it intends apply Kia in this new model of assembly line. It is also expected that the perceived quality of this new way of doing things will not deteriorate.

The Kia Niro is updated, this is its new commitment to sustainability and efficiency

The Kia Niro is one of the best-selling cars in its segment. Autocasión

Regarding circulation, it is known that the PHEV version will hit the market with the Greenzone Drive Mode driving program. Thanks to it, the use of the electric motor will be adapted when passing through certain traffic areas or according to the user’s habits of use. It is therefore a way of anticipating an improvement in efficiency while driving.

We will have to wait a few months yet to know the news that Kia will offer in terms of power, consumption or, of course, availability of engines and versions. And you, how do you think the future Niro catalog should be distributed?

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