Joey King is determined to change fairy tales forever

Joey King is determined to change fairy tales forever

The millennial generation, among which is the one who writes these lines, we have grown up with the princesses Disney. The usual, except for rare and wonderful exceptions like it was Mulanwas that a hero or prince saved the princess in the movies that were released when I was a kid.

This is how we saw it in Aladdin, in Snow White, in Cinderella… Luckily for the new generations, the story has changed and there are more and more heroines to inspire the “little princesses” of the world. Now the princesses don’t need anyone to save them.

The princesswith Joey King on Disney+

This film is one more that is added to the list willing to give everything with Joey King as the wildest princess you’ve ever seen. The new Star+ movie that has landed on Disney+ is something of a mix between John Wick, killer raid Y Tangled, all with a medieval setting. Prepare popcorn for an afternoon of blood and princesses like never before.

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It all begins when our protagonist refuses to get married (because no one should be treated as an object of exchange), and ends up confined, locked up and with her family in danger.

But don’t worry, this time they’ve messed with the wrong princess and our protagonist won’t wait for her hair to grow and a prince to climb up her braid to save her. Our princess prefers to take a sword and that justice is imparted with her handvery John Wick.

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The Princess Joey King Featured

Many action scenes, humor, good music and a couple of hours in which you will forget that we are in the middle of a heat wave. It is not best action movie everBut it’s entertaining, that’s for sure. A bet in which according to experts, King is convincing and after seeing the trailer, very fit (here we tell you how he does it).

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