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Jeremy Renner reveals what the Avengers actors talk about in his WhatsApp group

Jeremy Renner reveals what the Avengers actors talk about in his WhatsApp group

Since we saw Avengers: Endgame, the film that concluded a great stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is one thing that we have quite clear, and it is nothing other than the certainty that we will never see all that superheroic group together on the screen. As we say, surely we will not see them all star in a Marvel movie together, but that’s does not mean that the actors do not maintain contact with each other, like good friends.

Avengers: Endgame ended a great stage in the MCU

According to Hawkeye himself (which is now in fashion thanks to the series of Disney +), well the actor who plays it, Jeremy Renner has confirmed that all these “Avengers”, including him, continue to maintain contact and friendship through a WhatsApp group. This has been confirmed during an interview to the medium ComicBook. Just because you die on screen doesn’t mean you die in real life. We have a chat group in which we are all, even those who are still alive but died on screen. We are all very good friends«He said in the interview that we mentioned before.

And, as you have already seen in our headline, the actor not only confirmed that, he also talked about what kind of conversations they had in the famous WhatsApp group. «We don’t talk much about our work, that’s the great thing about being Avengers Friends. We talk about our children, divorces, marriages and reforms at home. We talk about things in our life. Our friendship is very, very special and unique, and I love you. I love you all”.

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According to Renner himself, they do not usually talk about work in the WhatsApp group

By the way, before finishing, as we have already mentioned before, Jeremy Renner is still playing Hawkeye in his own series, accompanied by Hailee steinfeld, on Diseny +. So, if you want to know all the necessary details of the series before starting to watch it, if you have not started it yet, you can click on this link and you will find all the important information about the new Marvel production, starring one of the mythical characters of The Avengers.