Jared Leto reveals how he prepared for Morbius

Jared Leto reveals how he prepared for Morbius

Morbius has already been released and the actor Jared Leto offers us his interpretation of the living vampire of Marvel.

Jared Leto he usually gets inside his characters to give the best performance possible. For example, for the joker the suicide squad (2016) acted like the villain all the time and gave strange gifts to the rest of the cast. to give life to Niander Wallace from blade runner 2049 He wore contact lenses that left him blind. During the filming of Small details He slept very little, so that he looked tired at Albert Sparma. Now she has revealed that she did to prepare Morbius.

“I dove deep into the source material and there was a ton. This character has been written about since, you know, the ’70s, so there was a lot to learn, a lot to dig into, and then you let your imagination take over. This is the first time this character has appeared on screen, so I was excited to get that opportunity.”

So he only read comics, luckily he didn’t drink human blood and sleep in coffins.

Despite the bad reviews, the film is a success.

Morbius it has grossed over $84 million in its opening weekend. So it will probably become profitable and it has shown that there is a big divide between critics and viewers. While Jared Leto He has already revealed on occasion that he would not mind repeating the role in a second installment or joining other villains such as Venom or Kraven the Hunter. Something that is possible thanks to the fact that they are creating a Spider-Man Villains Universe.

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aside from the movie Morbiuswe can also see Jared Leto on WeCrashed from Apple TV Plus, a series about the rise and fall of a technology company. On this occasion, he is receiving great criticism for his performance.