It’s a fairy tale my marriage

It’s a fairy tale my marriage

We imagined this would be a fairy tale, and it has been

“It’s surreal,” said the 28-year-old physical trainer in an interview with the program good morning america of the ABC network. “We imagined that this would be a fairy tale, and it has been,” said her husband, who is also beginning to open a career as an actor.

Asghari said with a smile that the pop singer is sensational.

Spears, 40, married Asghari on June 9 at a intimate ceremony at his home in Los Angeles, with only relatives present.

“We only had 50, 70 people,” Asghari said. “We wanted to celebrate with our loved ones and those closest to us. We just wanted to celebrate and that’s what we did,” she said.

The coach talked about his participation in the action movie hotseatstarring veteran star Mel Gibson, as well as his expectations in the entertainment industry.

“They didn’t pay attention to me until my wife gave me this amazing platform to work on“, acknowledged the coach, who already had some participation in videos and television series.

“I appreciate that always, but let’s not forget that I have been working hard and that I was already acting,” he emphasized.

Asghari and Spears met in 2016 when they worked on the video slumber party of the singer and then got engaged last year.