Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That’s how it works

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?  That’s how it works

Apple News is one of the applications that is not available in countries like Spain

Prevent your data from ending up on the dark web

One of the general benefits of using VPN is browsing more securely. As well, NordVPN doubles the security and privacy of browsing thanks to Dark Web Monitor. This is a tool available within the NordVPN app itself on iOS, iPadOS and macOS and that will allow you to know if your personal data has reached the dark web.

And is this really important? Well, perhaps not so much if you are careful with your data, but even taking precautions, it may be the situation that your access data to web pages, forums, applications and even banking services are hacked and end up on the dark web at the mercy of criminals . With this tool at least you will be able to know if this is happening and take measures such as changing the password of those sites.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

Thousands of personal data end up daily on the dark web at the mercy of cybercriminals

CyberSec, a multipurpose tool that provides a lot of peace of mind

To the previous tool is added that of Cybersec, a powerful protection service of which some functionalities stand out such as those of remove ads when browsing the internet, block dangerous pages that could endanger both your personal data and the security of your iPhone, iPad or Mac. And if that were not enough, it is even capable of prevent DDoS attacks.

Where are the servers hosted?

It would be absurd to contract a VPN and that it later did not have enough countries from which to connect, thereby losing a good part of the advantages that this type of connection offers. However, this is not the case with this app. NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers that are located in different countries around the world.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

NordVPN distributes its more than 5,000 servers around the world

100% private browsing

Servers that in addition to being very fast, allow you mask your original IP so that the websites you visit are not able to detect you. But it is that not even since NordVPN they will be able to track you, as they have a strict privacy policy and they don’t store your private data, so there will be no way for anyone to track you for commercial or similar purposes.

How you can use NordVPN on your devices

As we said, NordVPN is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Also on Android and Windows, although in the end for obvious reasons (we are The Bitten Apple) we will focus on the explanation for apple products.

Downloading and installing couldn’t be easier, since you only have to download it from the App Store. Once you have it and open it, you will see that a small user guide is shown. In any case, the most important thing to know to start browsing privately.

On the mac

NordVPN’s interface couldn’t be more intuitive and is that once you log in, it always appears with an appearance like the one you can see in the following image. In the central part a world map in which you can see all the servers that the tool has around the world, being able to choose one easily with just one click. Although it is also possible to do it from the left side by choosing one of the countries on the list or by doing a manual search.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

NordVPN earns integers on the Mac for its simple and intuitive interface

Once the VPN is activated, you will see that in the upper part of the window the message “Protected” appears in green, while if it is in red and says “Not protected” it means that you are not connected. Of course, the security and privacy tools discussed earlier in this post are operational when connecting to a VPN network.

It should be noted that in your preferences it is possible to change many aspects, including the aforementioned connection protocol. It also offers some additional functionalities that we have found very useful, such as be able to pause the VPN for 5, 30 or 60 minutes.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

NordVPN allows you to pause the connection for a few minutes and automatically reconnect afterwards

Something that we really liked is that you can configure that NordVPN starts up as soon as you turn on the Mac, appearing its icon in the upper menu bar. In this section you have quick access to the application settings to connect to other servers, so in the end it saves a lot of time and can be activated and deactivated at any time, regardless of what we are doing.

On iPhone and iPad

Although they are different devices, in the end the NordVPN experience on iOS and iPadOS is exactly the same. As with the Mac, it has a very simple and intuitive interface. It’s divided in three tabs. In the main one, the one on the far left, there is a world map with the servers and a drop-down menu in which the countries appear in list format.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

NordVPN on iOS works in an identical way to how it does on Mac

In the central section are the browsing statistics, including all the data related to your connections and even some interesting aspects such as your IP address when connected to a VPN. Already in the right tab we find the application settings.

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Something to highlight about the use in these devices is that it has been extremely easy to configure for the first time. The app requires certain common permissions in order to be your VPN tool, but you don’t have to dig into settings, since a pop-up appears giving you direct access to activate this setting. Once it’s done, connecting and disconnecting is super simple and fast.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

Permissions for NordVPN to be the VPN manager are very easy to grant

Ah! Speaking of pop-ups, the one that doesn’t appear is the one in which the app asks to track you. As we already said in another point, NordVPN does not store our data and this is an excellent way to check it, since if that were the case, it should ask for permissions according to Apple regulations since the end of 2020. And as you can see, it is not that you can block the tracking, but directly or they even show you any intention to do so.

Discounted for a limited time!

If when you finish knowing everything we tell you about NordVPN you are interested in purchasing it, you should know that if you hurry you can enjoy one special offer for new users they are offering right now.

Said offer reduction 72% the subscription price, offering 3 months for the face and then a price of 2.80 euros per month for 2 years. Although we must insist that it is a limited-time offer that, in fact, you can check for yourself the time left until it runs out thanks to the counter that appears on the NordVPN website.

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

NordVPN pricing with your temporary offer

Final conclusions: list of pros and cons

With all that we have been commenting on in this post, the answer to whether NordVPN is worth it would be a yes resounding. It is true that we can find other alternatives that may be interesting and that sometimes they are even offered for free. However, we can attest that the experience is nowhere near that of NordVPN.

The free payment options tend to be financed by the traffic of your personal data, something that from what you have already seen NordVPN does not do, since they advocate the opposite. On the other hand, looking at similar price options to this one, we can find that at the moment of truth they create more headaches, either due to their complex interfaces that prevent easy use or because of their slow browsing speeds.

Therefore, despite having some drawbacks like the ones we will discuss below, we believe that NordVPN It is the best option today in terms of tools of this type. And also globally, because although we have emphasized Apple products in this post, on Android and Windows it also works wonderfully and maintains the same values ​​in order to offer a safe, private and high-speed experience.

To better define our conclusions based on having been using NordVPN tools, we think it’s interesting to do a list of advantages and disadvantages, starting with the first:

  • They have an app available in iPhone, iPad and Mac and above downloadable from the App Store, without having to install strange profiles or download via the internet. The app is very well optimized in all of them both visually and functionally.
  • In addition to being on multiple systems, it is possible to use NordVPN on up to 6 devices simultaneously, something to be thankful for if you share the subscription with other members of your household or do not want to limit yourself to using it only on one of your computers.
  • It is the Fastest VPN How does one certify independent test from AVTEST and as we ourselves have been able to verify by carrying out our own speed tests. This is achieved above all thanks to the protocol NordLynx, which allows to have a great bandwidth that in addition to speed, also serves to safeguard navigation security.
Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

Speed ​​test with VPN disconnected

Is NordVPN the best VPN service on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? That's how it works

Speed ​​test with VPN connected

  • The additional tools that it offers at the security level (Dark Web Monitor and CyberSec) added to NordVPN’s privacy commitment make one browse very calm.

And now, not everything is positive, since there are things to highlight negatively as well. Although, yes, we honestly believe that they are disadvantages that do not cloud the experience too much and can be overcome with the advantages previously discussed.

  • The installation on Apple TV It is less intuitive than on other computers because it requires some adjustments to the system for the VPN service to work.
  • Unlike what normally happens, with the use of NordVPN you notice a faster speed in Chrome than in Safari. Although it is true that it is not an exaggerated difference, if you notice that the Apple browser works with a lower performance than usual.
  • If one of your reasons for acquiring this tool is to be able to find exclusive Apple TV + content in other countries, it must be said that today only the film “CODA” is restricted. Although in the end this is not so much a downside to NordVPN and it is compensated by what we do find from other streaming services.
  • In some countries it is illegal to use VPN, whether from this application or any other. This is not the case in Spain, but if you plan to travel abroad and use the service, it is recommended that you consult the legal matter of that place beforehand.

So do not leave aside your security and privacy online, Take advantage of the limited time offer: NordVPN 72% off and 3 months free for only € 2.80 per month.