Iron Man and Captain America join forces in a new mini-series

Iron Man and Captain America join forces in a new mini-series

This November, Marvel Comics pairs Steve Rogers and Tony Stark on the pages of Captain America / Iron Man # 1.

Marvel comics has announced that the Captain America Y Hombre de Hierro They will star in their own team comic series next November. Written by Derek Landy (Falcon and Winter Soldier) and the art of Angel Unzueta (Star wars), Captain America / Iron Man promises to explore the dynamics and history of both in an adventure in which they will face a new and mysterious threat from HYDRA.

In the series, it shows a HYDRA government agent and her strategic escape on the way to jail, attracting the attention of both Iron Man and Captain America. When Steve and Tony realize they both have a connection to the fugitive, they team up to track her down. They are surprised that she is not the only member of the game, but that there are more characters with evil plans.

Ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve been flipping through old Marvel buses, reading all the stories from the ’60s that I’d only ever heard of / absorbed by osmosis, with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark being top of the reading pile. , says Landy. He did not know that it was actually a long, diligent and meticulous piece of research for which he should be admired, even more, praised. The opportunity to write these characters is as daunting as it is exciting..

For me, it is a dream come true to draw Iron Man and Captain America. They are my two favorite characters from the Marvel Universe (in and out of the suit), adds Unzueta. There are many things to say about the relationship of these two Marvel heroes and Derek demonstrates in this miniseries his deep understanding of their dynamics and serves it in a great and relevant story: An instant classic.

Official cover

Iron Man and Captain America

Written by Derek Landy
Art by Angel Unzueta
Cover of Alex Ross
On sale 11/24