By the end of 2020, IO Interactive announced to be working on a new project related to the James Bond franchise. The name under which it was presented was Project 007, and despite not having received much news about it, we know that it will have a totally original story, and that it is also being developed in Barcelona. Although IO Interactive he’s taking a break from his hitman saga, it seems that they want to continue by stealth games line for your future titles, and a new job proposal from the company tell us more about Project 007.

According to the job posting made by IO Interactive, the developer would be looking for people interested in working on «3rd person action games«. Of course, it’s not the only thing you’ll need. The company has published a list of requirements to be part of your family, but this helps us to know what will be the strategy that IO Interactive will use with Project 007. Apparently the game will take the camera in 3rd person that we already saw in the saga Hitman, but it is something that could change in the future of development.

In addition to the interest in third-person games, the publication of IO Interactive realize that they are looking for people who know about Artificial Intelligence programming, and reiterates the information we already know about the game, such as that it will come with a totally original story. IO CEO Hakan Abrak assured in past statements that I didn’t want to limit the studio to just adapting the movies From James Bond to the video game, they wanted to create something totally new.

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Project 007 is currently under development, and although we do not know for which consoles it is being developed or neither its release date, probably this information it will take time to be announced due to the stage of development in which the title of IO Interactive.

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