Invite to an event that will take place in Buenos Aires

Invite to an event that will take place in Buenos Aires

On May 22, the first transaction of a physical product for cryptocurrencies is celebrated. In this context, and in honor of the movement that promotes the decentralization of the economy, an event to celebrate “Pizza Crypto Day” will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in the traditional pizzeria Pizza Cero. The platform for managing events and acquiring tickets such as NFTs, Fanz, is launched within the framework of this event supported by Decentraland.

Please note that Pizza Crypto Day tickets are by invitation and limited and can be purchased at

Julian Neuss is Argentine, he studied Computer Engineering at ITBA. As founder and CEO of Fanz, he gave his opinion on innovation, technology and decentralization applied to the events of the future: “Today, the ticketing industry for face-to-face events operates with a model that faces many problems, both for the consumer as for the creator. One of its main problems is the rising power of a black market and ticket fraud. Users can unknowingly purchase fake tickets and then be denied access to an event they have already paid for. Platform members will no longer have this problem as the technology used to manage tickets makes fraud impossible.”

According to Neuss, “The platform also solves many problems related to events in the metaverse, such as: event creation and monetization. Today, only a small percentage of tech-savvy event organizers have figured out how to create an event in the metaverse, mint their own NFT collection, and sell them as tickets.”

“There are still a lot of people who want to do things in the metaverse, but just don’t know how. Now, they have a tool to do it and a whole team to guide them through the process,” she concluded.

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