“Intuitive doctors” claim that “frequencies” can heal people

“Intuitive doctors” claim that “frequencies” can heal people
  • A growing number of TikTokers are combining clairvoyance with medicine which they call “medical intuitions”.
  • Several of these intuitive doctors are posting videos of various sound frequencies that they claim can bother and kill parasites.
  • While many of the comments for this type of TikToks are supportive, some users mention that they ARE DANGEROUS FOR PATIENTS.

A growing number of TikTokers they are combining clairvoyance with the medicine they call “medical insights”According to them, certain sound frequencies can cure people of internal parasites.

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TikTokers like @mrsrogershood, who has dedicated her account to various “cleansing” and spiritual exercises to get rid of parasites, they are posting videos of various sound frequencies that they claim can bother and kill parasites that inhabit the body. But in addition, they call themselves “INTUITIVE DOCTORS”.

“I can enter the body, mind and soul of people and observe what happens to them physically and mentally. I can see any experiences or emotions throughout their lives, as well as if they have inherited any diseases from their past families.”

While many of the comments for this TikTok guy are supportive, some users mention that these ‘intuitive doctors’ ARE DANGEROUS FOR PATIENTS.

“This is so incredibly wrong I can’t understand how this person has a following,” said a USER ON TikTok. “She has no experience or medical background. In some cases, she claims to know more than a doctor does and that’s not right.”

They go on to say: “Imagine she tells a patient that she’s totally fine, but she actually has some underlying condition, and she dies! This person’s account shouldn’t even be on TikTok, it should be banned for misinformation and dangerous medical activity.”

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Although medical intuitives, or medical media, have become popular on TikTok, they have long existed outside of the app.

The most widely followed “medical intuitive” is Anthony Williams, a self-proclaimed medium who offers medical advice due to his supposed ability to communicate with the “Spirit of Compassion”. Williams has written several books and appears frequently on television and on websites such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.

However, many experts have raised concerns about medical intuitions. In an interview with Refinery29Timothy Caulfield, a health and law expert at the University of Alberta, said:

“The idea of ​​a ‘medical medium’ is 100 percent science-free nonsense. It is based on the supernatural idea that people can “read” what is the best health strategy for a person. It is particularly offensive when this pseudoscience is combined with the commercialization [aparente] of products, such as supplements, that lack good clinical evidence.”


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