Internet love? Alert! This is what you have to know

Internet love?  Alert!  This is what you have to know

It is not uncommon to hear stories of “internet love” that started well, but… ended in a nightmare! That is why you should be very attentive to red lights if you are talking to someone online.

If you don’t, even better! It’s not that we want to be boring, it’s that there are many dangers on the Internet and we don’t want anything to happen to you, we want you to protect yourself.

So take the following into account:

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The initial emotion can lie to you

When you meet someone on the Internet and discover that you have many things in common, you will surely feel super excited, it is normal, BUT, you should not let that emotion lead you to make hasty decisions, such as accepting or proposing to meet in person as soon as possible, sending photos…wait a bit.

Is it really him, do you idealize him or is he lying to you?

Well they say that not everything is what it seems, so you may be thinking that you finally met the boy of your dreams, because he is everything you are looking for, but… what if not? What if he is lying or exaggerating? Or how about you are the one idealizing him? Have you thought about?

Does he ask for things that make you uncomfortable?

A big red alert is when he asks you for things that make you uncomfortable, like asking you for compromising photos, asking you to meet alone in a place you don’t know, not to tell anyone about your friendship, etc.

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Your intuition will tell you what those things are that do not sound very reliable, listen to it.

Did he look for you or did you look for him? Have you already investigated it?

If he was the first to message you, how did he find you? Have you wondered? What interested him in you? What is he really looking for? Do an intense questionnaire if he decides to answer it, in addition to investigating it, searching his social networks, checking if they have mutual friends, etc. Use your stalker powers to find out more about him.

Tell your friends or whoever you trust the most!

It is important that several people know that you are talking to someone, do not keep it a secret, there is nothing to hide.

If they are going to meet in person

Are you sure? If you have already decided that you will do it, take precautions:

  • Ask that it be in a public place where there are many people, a cafe, for example.
  • Tell all your friends (and family)
  • Share your location in real time
  • Ask some friends to go to the same place, they sit at another table and they can act like strangers, but they will always be aware of you

Don’t agree to go somewhere else

Finally, we leave you this video that will help you reflect on “love on the internet”, you will be frozen, but the message is clear.

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