After your official announcement in June, we can finally test the applications Android on Windows 11. But unfortunately the release has been limited to residents of USA. Here we show you how you can install it For the users not belonging to the North American country, and those who are not in the program Insider.

How to install Windows Subsystem for Android ™ on Windows 11 without being from the United States or Insider

Unfortunately only users of USA can install the application subsystem Android on Windows 11 for the moment. This forces you to have Windows configured in the region of USA, be joined to the program Insider and meet the minimum requirements:

  • 8GB or more than RAM
  • Intel Core i3 8th generation or higher or Ryzen 3000+
  • SSD
  • Virtualization enabled in our team

If you meet the requirements, except for the processor (since apparently does not take it into account at the moment), you can install the subsystem thus:

  • We open the following website that will allow us to generate a link to download the MSIX which contains the Android subsystem for Windows 11: Microsoft Store – Generation Project
  • Once open we change URL (Link) by ProductID. Then we paste the following code: 9P3395VX91NR. Once done we change the ring to Slow and we click on the tick to generate the links. If this process is something for you messy, I leave you a GIF where you can see the process more graph.
  • Once done, we scroll to the final of the page where we will observe in the last result the MSIX of the subsystem. We click it and it will start download. You must make sure that you keep it in the folder downloads. When downloaded, change the file name by Android (don’t change the msixbundle format).Downloading the subsystem in Windows 11.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes the download may result in a flat file. In case it happens to you, rename the file to Android.msixbundle or whatever name you want, but keeping the msixbundle extension.

  • Once downloaded we open Windows Powershell What administrator. First we will locate ourselves in the directory where it is downloaded with the following command: cd $ Env: UserProfile Downloads
  • Once located in our Downloads folder, we write the following command: Add-AppxPackage -path Android.msixbundle. If we have done well, we will be installing the subsystem.
  • Then we must activate the platform virtualization so that WSA work. We enable it in the same window PowerShell with the following command: dism / online / enable-feature / featurename: HypervisorPlatform
  • We reboot the team. Once done we look for Windows Subsystem for Android ™ in our list of apps installed and we open it. To run it for the first time we just have to open the section Records. Doing so will install us Amazon AppStore in our app list.

NOTE: The Amazon AppStore that pre-installs the Android application subsystem is currently only available to users in the United States. In order to install apps we must resort to alternative stores such as Aurora Store or APKPure.

Windows Subsystem for Android ™ with Amazon Appstore
Windows Subsystem for Android ™ with Amazon Appstore

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