Instagram betrays its ephemeral nature: you will relive stories with Playback

Instagram betrays its ephemeral nature: you will relive stories with Playback

Instagram has joined the trend within social networks, to revive the content generated during the year and has launched Playback, a tool with which you can republish 10 stories made throughout this 2021.

Beyond the experience of reliving this content, there is a small detail that goes against the ephemeral nature of Instagram and it is precisely that of reviving content in a format that is supposed to be seen only once, so insisting on republishing it is an exercise that sacrifices its ethos.

Is Instagram betraying its nature?

Designing a product for a specific purpose and sacrificing that nature in order to join the trend of the moment is the best description of what happens with Instagram at the end of the year, in which the social network has become a unique benchmark in the world. market and not only that, it has established itself as a tremendously popular medium for its ephemeral stories.

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Despite this, the platform has activated Playback, the tool with which its users can select 10 stories from their archive to republish them.

Currently, the stories, if you decide, are automatically saved in the file dedicated to storing them, you also have the option of keeping them fixed on the main page of your account, however, beyond these options, what Instagram does is to put on pause the ephemeral nature of its most popular content to turn it into a product that stands out to the consumer.

With this in mind, the brand takes on a challenge and that is to join a market, just when it becomes tremendously audacious to generate conversation and not only that, activations that help to understand why social networks, in order to join the trend and lead it They are willing to sacrifice their nature.

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