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In Mexico, the real estate sector continues to advance in the use of Bitcoin for the acquisition of properties

In Mexico, the real estate sector continues to advance in the use of Bitcoin for the acquisition of properties

La Haus, a state-of-the-art real estate company has closed a sale in Rivera de Maya, Mexico; and thanks to the cutting-edge technology used by La Haus, the payment in cryptocurrencies could be made. integrated into the purchasing process.

In a press release, the proptech explains that with the use of this type of technology, the issues of intermediaries in business are resolved, which obviously reduces the cost of the entire process, making it more agile and profitable for investors.

In this opportunity the deal has materialized with a Rivera Maya property in Mexico, and the buyer was in Lima, Peru. The main function that has been cultivating for more than a decade is precisely the possibility of generating cross-border payments without major complications.

The genesis of Bitcoin in 2008 was to allow this type of transaction and business to become more common and possible. La Haus has taken advantage of the versatility of this technology, which is why it celebrates the purchase of this property in Mexico from Peru without the need to use traditional financial systems that generate an additional cost to the entire transaction.

The transaction was for 5.78 Bitcoins, through the Bitcoin Lightning network’s Opennode payment processor. In the same press release, the founder of Rivieralty and real estate developer Jonathan Cuan stated that: “We have been very interested in opening our developments to cryptocurrencies for half a year, since 50% of our clients are foreigners, and in this way we can simplify the process of investing in Mexico, La Haus’ integrated solution solved all the technical and legal issues for us”.

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Likewise, the Vice President of the Future in La Haus Jehudi Castro-Sierra indicated, indicating that: “This is real, and it is an effective and convenient way to carry out international transactions, because it removes intermediaries, and addresses real problems in Latin America, such as fluctuations in exchange rates and inflation, which are much higher than in developed countries. With this we take another step to make our countries more attractive for investment by foreign individuals, and one of our bets for the future is that Bitcoin will be a fundamental means of payment in real estate “.

The company currently promotes projects with the possibility of continuing to acquire properties in cryptocurrencies and thus continue adopting new ways of doing real estate business.

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