improved cutscenes, side missions and more

improved cutscenes, side missions and more

If yesterday Horizon Forbidden West showed a new trailer of the tribes, the magazine Game Informer It has now offered up to eight important improvements that the sequel that will arrive on February 18 on both PS5 and PS4 will feature. The first one is the improved kinematics with full motion capture, better facial animation, and a “top-notch cast” with narrative director Benjamin McCaw stating that “that level of quality covers the entire game, including some minor scenes“.

When it comes to exploring or fighting, the front display screen (HUD) has also been modified. In fact, it starts out in minimalist mode which, according to game director Mathijs de Jonge, shows “as little information as possible. You can simply swipe up on the touch panel to immediately see all important information such as goals, health or inventory“.

Horizon Forbidden West missions will be more rewarding

Regarding gameplay, side missions aim to be more rewarding and interesting. “There’s a lot more variety in that regard, a greater sense of accomplishment that you really do get something cool in exchange for doing these missions.“mentions de Jonge.”That was another part where we felt we had room for improvement. Then you get cool gun or cool outfit, something that is really useful for your next mission or activity“.

Players will also be able to create their own tasks in the creation menu when they require the part of a machine in question. The crafting system depends less on metal fragments and more on specific parts. “In this game, we try to put more into play the machines and the encounters with the machines, so many of the updates also cost machine-specific resources. You have to go out and hunt specific machines“.

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Regarding the Characters Aloy knows and will know there is also good news, both those associated with the main quest and certain side quest characters “they won’t just leave after a mission“says McCaw. Finally, remember that “inhabited” settlements are also key. McCaw points out: “We’ve improved our civilians and settlements since the last game with an improved crowd system, better animations, and much better audio. So everything should feel a bit more authentic and realistic“.

Which of these improvements will be the most striking in Horizon Forbidden West?

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