How will the metaverse reshape mental health therapy?

How will the metaverse reshape mental health therapy?
  • Therapy in the metaverse could soon become the standard way of getting and delivering mental health care.
  • Slowly but surely, the metaverse will be a bigger part of all of our lives.
  • With proper care, mental health can become one of your best use cases in due time.

the industry of technology has seen a seismic shift in consciousness about the metaverse following the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and announcements about its development from other technology leaders like Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia, and Epic Games. However, its true potential lies beyond gaming, social media, and consumer technology. On the one hand, the therapy in the metaverse it could soon become the standard way of getting and delivering mental health care.

In this digital age of interconnectedness, our society has become more isolated than ever. A recent report from Harvard suggests that 36% of all Americans, including 61% of young adults, feel a “serious loneliness” which according to recent research is a key risk factor for mental health conditions.

A study of American Cancer Society analyzed data from more than 580,000 adults and found that social isolation increases the risk of premature death for all races.

Unable to access face-to-face care during the pandemic, many people are turning to online support. As the virtual reality headsets grow in popularity, that same technology could soon become a essential tool for therapy in the metaverse that is more attractive than traditional telemedicine or mobile applications.

More access, more options in the metaverse for mental health

Many healthcare companies are developing ninnovative new business models in the metaverse to solve current challenges. Companies that humanize therapy sessions will have the greatest impact on metaverse therapy.

That is why the model metaverse attention has the potential to radically change the way digital therapy is delivered. Simply put, it’s as close to being in person as you can get.

Being able to access support without geographical limitations from the comfort of your home has already taken off with telemedicine, but the metaverse provides a much more realistic experience.

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This new major immersion depth can create greater engagement, focus, and connection compared to other digital therapy solutions. The natural settings and intuitive nature of the design can also lead to a stronger bond between patients and providers. There is a possibility that treatment outcomes may be improved due to these potential benefits.but more research is needed to find the best way to deliver the therapy via VR.

When will we see metaverse therapy?

Despite all the hype from the Facebook and Web3 metaverse, the reality is that VR headsets are expensive and, although use is growing, it is estimated that only 12.5 million in 2021. Most of the metaverses that currently exist are for entertainment and healthcare is usually a lot more. slower to pick up.

To get started, healthcare providers need to ensure they properly manage patient data and provide security that meets the highest standards of mental health care.

In addition, it is necessary conduct more research to prove the effectiveness of virtual reality therapy and convincing insurance companies to cover this new method of delivering treatment.


In fact, the FDA approved the first virtual reality software as a medical device to treat pain. Meanwhile, insurance companies are already covering virtual reality-based telemedicine.

Lastly, the therapy offers more convincing will provide headsets directly to patients, so that access to most innovative treatments and better researched does not depend on individual purchases of virtual reality technology by consumers.

The exciting news is that a small but growing group of researchers, technologists, and investors are already beginning to overcome these challenges. Slowly but surely the metaverse will be a bigger part of all of our lives and, with proper caremental health may turn out to be one of its best use cases in due time.

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