Nowadays it is very important to keep the contact list on our phone well updated. This helps us to be closer phone numbers of the people with whom we deal the most and also serve for the messaging applications that are installed on our phone.

But there are many times that although our contacts for calls and messages are visible, for applications like WhatsApp they are not. This is a somewhat common problem and very easy to solve, stay here and you will see how to give permission to WhatsApp application so you can see the contacts also in this application.

If you want to send a phone number that is on your iPhone through WhatsApp, you will not need another application, since this function is included in the WhatsApp app. For you to send one several phone numbers you are going to do this.

You will enter the WhatsApp app and then the chat to which you want to send this phone number. Now you will see a arrow icon next to writing bar of the chat and you will press it. In this small menu you will touch on ‘More options’, you will touch the one called ‘Share contacts’.

Here you are going to choose the contact you want to send through your chat and when you have already marked it you can hit the send button and this data will immediately reach the person who sent it.

If instead of send a single contact Through WhatsApp you want to send a list, you have to do the same steps that we told you a moment ago. Only you have to dial several cell phone numbers and then press the send button.

It is likely that sometimes we add a contact to our phone and it does not appear registered in the WhatsApp contact list. If this is what happens, you have to keep in mind that WhatsApp has an option to update the contacts. When you enter the WhatsApp application there is a green icon with the silhouette of a message.

This is at the bottom of the screen, press it and then you will see the first contacts on your list and at the top you will see three points. When you touch them there will be a writing that says update. After you press it, this list will update and new contacts will be added and from here you can write to him from WhatsApp.

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One of the most common problems that WhatsApp has is that the contact list does not appear in the application. This is largely due to a problem with your phone that is not impossible to solve. Here we will show you the two solutions to the most common problems of this nature.

mobile with whatsapp

What to do to link them correctly?

To solve the problem in your WhatsApp that your contacts do not appear you have to go to the phone settings, scroll down to the privacy option and enter. Now you are going to click on ‘Contacts’, you will search the whatsapp application and you will enter. Then you have to click on the read and write button and in this way the application will have the necessary permissions for you to see the iPhone contacts in WhatsApp.

How to export them without using iCloud account?

This problem can also be because perhaps you have changed your phone and installed and started WhatsApp without having sent the contacts before. So you can export all your contacts without using iCloud you will have to follow these instructions.

In order to export your contacts to your new iPhone phone, you will have to go to the contact book. There you will leave pressed each of these and then press the share option. Now you will choose the Bluetooth tool to share contacts, you will activate the Bluetooth of your new phone and link it. Then, you just have to click on send and your telephone will start receiving contacts and they will be automatically added to the calendar.