In this article, you will find information to learn how to record a video call on Instagram in a simple way and thus capture these conversations by a video that today is not possible from the same application and we must manage to have a recording of this video call if it is really needed.

Instagram is a platform that is currently very strong, it contains many tasks that we previously achieved only with WhatsApp, for example: audios and video calls. Every day it has been growing in its updates to provide its users with a better experience on this social network and its users could not be happier about these advances.

Screen record Instagram video call with audio

How to record Instagram video call with voice

The video calls Instagram have nothing to envy to other platforms, but if they have something in common and that is that you can not save the video, ie burn with the same application if we see then, to achieve this we use the screen recorder built into mobile devices.

How to record the screen from an Android mobile device?

  1. In this case, we must download Instagram and log in, in order to start the video call.
  2. We select the contact with whom we will initiate the video call, we enter the conversation.
  3. We display the menu that is hidden at the top of the screen of the mobile device and there we activate “Recording on-screen”.
  4. When it is already active we must return to Instagram and start the video call.
  5. At the end of the video call, we must stop the recording on the screen, it will tell you that the video was recorded in your mobile gallery.
  6. And when you enter your gallery you will see the video of your video call that will be editable if you need it, that is how simple you can document a video call.

How to record a screen from an iPhone mobile device?

  1. First, we must configure the screen recording option as direct access, by default this task is not active, so we must configure it manually.
  2. We must go to “Settings” and then to “Control Center” which will allow us to select what will be displayed in the control center.
  3. When entering the “Control Center” we must click on “Customize Controls” and there select the option “Screen recording”, clicking this option will be added to the default controls.
  4. You will see that now when you return to the initial menu of your mobile device and when you slide the top menu, the “Screen recording” button will appear.
  5. In this way, we can now enter Instagram and there we will first look for the contact with whom you need to make the video call when entering their conversation you will display the top menu and start  Screen Recording.
  6. You will return to Instagram and start your video call with the contact you had chosen, in this way you can record your conversation by video call.
  7. At the end of it, you only have to stop the screen recording by sliding the top menu and it will be saved in your Gallery of the mobile device.
  8. When you enter your Gallery you can view the video and if you want you can edit it to be able to share it if you want.

How to record Instagram video call with voice

With these step-by-step Android and iOS, you can record the screen of your mobile device very easily and use this method in those social networks that interest you to capture moments, conversations or video calls easily without downloading an application that records the screen. e use the integrated recorder of your mobile device that is safer and will not take up more space on our mobile. However, if your mobile device does not have this integrated program, you can download an application to record the screen of your Android cell phone.

If this article helped you solve this problem, you can stay at to find more step by step that will help you learn a little more about social networks and the applications that will help you solve these questions to facilitate its use 100 %.