You enter the Simyo website and see the application directly to create your own rate. Fiber, mobile or fiber + mobile. You choose the minutes of calls (or unlimited), the gigs and the speed of your connection, you don’t have more. Focusing on the fiber of the low cost brand, it offers us 300 Mbps of speed for 30.99 euros per month and without a fixed telephone line, a competitive price on the same level as Digi (30 euros per month), above Finetwork ( € 24.90 per month) or below Lowi (€ 29.95 per month, but at 100 Mbps).

To do the change of address in the fiber We will not complicate ourselves either, we will make a call to customer service, make an appointment with the installer technician and in a few days we will be enjoying Simyo’s Internet connection at our new address.

What you should keep in mind

As in any process to register, cancel, make important changes in the contracted products or to move to another address, the Simyo fiber is important to keep in mind some things.

Equipment installation

Included with the Simyo fiber is a three-month stay commitment. Do not be scared, this permanence only refers to the installation of the line and the router in your home. The company owned by Orange wants you to spend a minimum of three months with its service activated so that it does not have to charge you anything for the installation and that it can amortize those expenses. If you unsubscribe before those 90 days they would have to charge you the proportional part of € 120 on the remaining time until you reach 90 days from when you request the cancellation. That is why, if you plan to change your address soon, it is still worthwhile to wait, share the mobile data when you are with the computer or the Smart TV at home, and make the change of address to contract the Simyo fiber.

For the new line, the conditions are the same as regards the installation of the equipment at the level of cost and permanence, and you will have to perform the same process as in the previous time.

Get down on the previous line

In the case of landlines or Internet services in homes there is no protocol to request portability as in mobile lines. In this case it is necessary that you unsubscribe from the fiber line that you had contracted with the previous provider. In the event that you want to continue being a Simyo customer, but are going to change your address, the process is the same as if you register a new line. You will have to request the cancellation of your current line and hire a new Internet service at the new address.

Remember that if you become a fiber customer, and change your address within 30 days (for example, any period of less than three months), even if you hire Simyo’s Internet service again, you will have that pay the proportional part of the installation cost of the line for having breached the stay of 90 days.

With respect to router You will have to return it and the installer technician will activate a new one.

simyo router

Speed ​​change

It is likely that with the change of line you think If it is convenient for you to maintain the contracted speed or decide to modify it. Whether you have 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps, you have been able to find that you will enjoy more by increasing the speed or reducing the monthly bill.

It is a good time to change the speed of your connection, it would be enough with call 1644 (free call) to request the change, which will be activated immediately. On the invoice you will be charged the proportional part of each speed within that billing cycle.

Moving the fiber to another address

As we have said before, the transfer of the fiber line of the low cost operator It is equivalent to requesting a cancellation of the current service and a new discharge at the new address. The process is simple but requires a series of steps.

Coverage first

Fundamental check that we will have coverage for fiber service at the new address. Simyo is a company that belongs to Orange and uses its entire infrastructure to offer all its mobile line and fiber services in the home. This is why Simyo’s coverage of its Internet services at home is quite good.

You can check the coverage in other addresses using the web browser. We enter the complete address and click on the Continue button.

search fiber coverage

How is the installation

Once we are clear that we have to register a new discharge to transfer the Simyo line and that we have coverage at the new address we will call 1644 customer service and we will request the cancellation of the current line and the registration in the new address.

Simyo will arrange with us a appointment with the technician in a period of less than 7 days. The technician who will be in charge of installing the line at home will also connect the router and leave it activated. For this, do not forget to have access to the telecommunications room of your building or community of neighbors.

The technician will introduce the cable through the usual conduit and install the fiber optic rosette, where the router will be connected. Once this is done you will have access to the network In your home.


The installation of the line is “free”. And we say “free” because it is subject to a minimum stay. In the case of the line, it is necessary to remain with the service activated at that same address for 90 days, the maximum penalty is 120 euros. That is what you would pay if you unsubscribe the day after connecting it.

The case of router It does not entail any permanence and it is totally free, it is an assignment in rental format at no cost. You just have to return it following the operator’s instructions when you request the cancellation. If you do not return it within a period of less than 45 days, you will be charged the amount of the device, 60 euros.