Microsoft Publisher is an application that allows you to create and design newsletters, labels, brochures, calendars, postcards, greeting cards, resumes, banners, diplomas, business forms, and signs. Once your creations are ready you can print or reproduce them.

With Publisher, you can do incredible things since its tools and functions will facilitate the development process. In addition, you can make very beautiful and creative banners.

What is a banner?

A banner is a poster with which you can make propaganda or inform something important, it has writings or illustrations. In addition, you can use a banner as a welcome gift, birthday or anniversary gift.

How to create a banner in Microsoft Publisher?

To create a banner in Microsoft Publisher you must follow the following steps:

The first step you must do is click on “New File” and press “Integrated” to start using one of the templates that Publisher provides.

Then you will have to select the category “Banners” to choose and click on the banner design that you like the most and click on “Create” to start designing and editing your banner.

In the toolbar you will find “Page layout”, once there you can change:

  • The width and height of the banner, by clicking “Size“.
  • The color scheme of the banner, by selecting “Color scheme”.
  • Combine the banner fonts by clicking on “Fonts“.

How to add images to a banner?

To add images you must select the “Insert” tab, you will find this in the toolbar and in the “Illustrations” group will be the image buttons. Below we will explain two ways to add images:

  • To add an image that you have saved on your computer you must click on “Images” then you will have to find and select the image you want to incorporate.
  • To add an image online, you will have to select the “Online Images” button. Then, you will have to press the “Bing Image Search” button, so that the search box appears, there you will be able to write a word or phrase that describe the picture you need.
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How to insert a text box?

You will find the text box button in the text group, you will find this group in the “Insert” tab of the toolbar. Once you press the button you can draw the text box on your banner. You can also insert a WordArt.

How to save the banner?

If you want to save the editing process you have done, you will have to click on “File” and select “Save as”.

Once you are in the menu that appears when you select the “Save as” button, you will be able to select the folder where you want to save the banner. After selecting the ideal destination for your artwork, you will have to click save and that’s it.

How to print a banner?

To print a banner you will have to click the “File” button and select “Print.

Once you select the print button, a menu will appear and you can select the printer and make some adjustments in the configuration.

If you want to print a specific page, you must check the box “Print a single segment” to select the row or column number of the page you want to print.

How to adjust the overlap?

In the “Print” button you will find “Design Options” and there you can increase the margin of the paper, which overlaps between the horizontal or vertical printed area on a banner page.

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