As expected, every day more people around the world are joining social networks and messaging. This is because these platforms are very good at transmitting what we want to tell our friends and family, since we can use voice notes, stickers and many other things to express ourselves through messages.

But there are times when someone else gets your phone number and added you to their contact list without your knowledge and you may not like that person. That is why here we will show you how to know who has added you among their contacts and how can you improve privacy from your account so you can choose what your contacts can know about you.

What information does an unknown person who has added you to WhatsApp have access to?

Normally it is necessary for us to know what information is a person who adds you to WhatsApp you can see, since sometimes we don’t want certain people to know that you have such a messaging account or don’t know about it.

People who obtain your number and want to see your information will only be able to see your profile picture, your phone number and the ‘Information’, which is a text that you can add to your liking either a phrase or anything that you want. like it. This is the information you can share through your profile.

Therefore, if you want to know who are the people who have added your phone number without you knowing it, you can do it this way. But we are also going to show you how you can choose who will see your information WhatsApp contact.

How to use ‘New broadcast’ to find out who has added you to WhatsApp?

We have already explained a little about the privacy settings that the WhatsApp app has and about the information that a person can obtain from you. Therefore, we are going to show you how to see who have added you to their WhatsApp and if you see it well, block them before they contact you.

On an iPhone

If you are going to try it from an iOS system phone You will have to do this: you will open your WhatsApp app and in one part of the screen you will see that there are three dots. When you press it, a tab will be displayed and there you will press an option called ‘New diffusion’. Then you have to write something interesting in this broadcast so that everyone who has your number added to see it and be interested in seeing it.

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Now when it’s been a while, you can go to reading information of this broadcast to be able to see the contacts who have reviewed this message. So you can see who are the people who are not added to your WhatsApp and have your phone number saved.

From Android

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With the Android system it will be much easier for you to make this new diffusion to know who are the people who they have your cell phone number added to your WhatsApp. They just have to open the WhatsApp on your phone and click on the three points in the upper right corner, here you will have to click on ‘New broadcast’.

From here you have to select the contacts you want this broadcast to reach. There will also be a warning informing you that this message will also be sent to everyone the contacts that have added you. Now you are going to write an interesting message that will make those who receive it curious and when they see it you will be marked on the reading list who are those who have observed the broadcast.

When you see the people you have not given your phone in the list, you can decide what to do, whether to block them or add them to your contacts.

Using WhatsApp Web

In case the ‘New broadcast’ you want to do from your computer in WhatsApp Web We have to tell you that this will not be possible. That is because this function is not available in this version of WhatsApp. So what you can do is make this broadcast from your cell phone and then you can see from there the people who have observed that message.

What can you do to improve your privacy from unknown users?

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One of WhatsApp settings they are privacy. You can find this section in the app settings, from the three points that are on the right side of the screen and it will be at the top or bottom depending on the cell phone system you use.

Then you will enter chats and there you will see the name ‘Privacy’. Here you can choose each of the privacy settings in terms of who can see your information. So you can choose which of your contacts they will see your data and your WhatsApp profile picture.