How to get in shape from scratch?

How to get in shape from scratch?

Being in good physical condition is possible! It requires consistency, organization, exercises and healthy habits. Make up your mind and know how to get in shape from scratch.

How to get in shape from scratch?

Last update: January 12, 2022

Getting in shape from scratch is a goal that we can achieve, as long as we are willing to change habits and dedicate the time necessary to carry out physical activity. For many, achieving the goal can be utopian, but in reality it is the lack of perseverance and the loss of motivation that leads us to give up again and again.

We must make the decision, be patient and not expect miraculous results. In this article we tell you how you can get in shape from scratch. It depends on you!

Being in shape is very important, as it improves our general health. In addition, it gives us energy, which helps us perform better in all day-to-day activities. It also helps to clear the mind, to have a positive attitude and to gain greater confidence in ourselves.

Plan to get fit from scratch

Physical activity is essential to improve our general condition. We must make the decision to start and develop a weekly routine.

Ideally, we can join the gym and have the help of teachers. In a matter of a few weeks we will begin to notice changes.

However, we can also exercise at home or on our own and get good results. Do not despair or abandon; The results will be seen with the passing of the months.

How long should we train?

To start the activity, especially if we are beginners, with 3 times a week it will be OK. We can do it interspersed to have a rest day in between.

At the beginning, each training day can take us an hour. Over time, we can add more days or more work time. It will always depend on us to what extent we can or want to demand ourselves.

Joining a gym is a way of regularizing physical activity with schedules and routines given by professionals.

Warm-up is key

Getting warm is prepare the muscles to perform the exercises. Both warming up and stretching help us achieve greater flexibility and agility, as well as predisposing the body for greater effort.

Also in this way we will avoid pain and reduce the risk of suffering injuries. We can take about 10 minutes to warm up and be ready to get in shape from scratch.

Weight training exercises to tone muscles

Going to the gym is ideal to tone up, since there we will have the necessary elements and with the help of professionals who will guide us. Starting to work with weight will allow us to gain strength, power and increase body mass.

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At the beginning we must use little load and acquire the proper technique for each exercise. As we progress with the training, we can increase the weight. It is important to outline a routine to work all muscle groups.

We can organize ourselves as follows:

  • Monday: torso, pectoral and lats training.
  • Wednesday: arms, shoulders and legs. Exercises for biceps, triceps and forearms. Then quads, adductors, calves, and glutes.
  • Friday: all muscle groups with the least amount of load.

Basic cardiovascular exercises to get fit from scratch

Go for a jog or ride a bike They are simple options that provide great benefits and are available to everyone. On the other hand, swimming is highly recommended, since it is a very complete exercise that activates the whole body.

A study published in the United States found that people who are more physically active have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease.

  • Walking or jogging: It is important to use suitable footwear, which will allow us a better movement and cushioning. We must take into account the terrain to avoid injuries.
  • Riding a bicycle: It is true that not everyone has one at home, but many do. Surely you know someone who can lend it to you. It is also a good idea to start using it as your main means of transportation, at least for short and medium distances.
  • Swim: it is one of the most recommended exercises when it comes to being in shape, since we work all the muscles.
Swimming is recommended as a complete exercise in healthy people and even for the treatment of pathologies.

Stretching exercises to gain flexibility

Stretching exercises are important at the end of physical activity. Is about increase the range of motion of the joints.

Stretching the muscles serves to relieve tension, recover and achieve greater flexibility. In addition, they reduce the risk of injury.

Nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand to get fit from scratch

It’s not just a matter of jogging and lifting weights. It is very important to follow a healthy eating plan.

Fresh and colorful foods, such as fruits and vegetables, cannot be missing. The consumption of fish is recommended, so present in Mediterranean diets; and chicken over red meat. As well as the intake of eggs, cheese, legumes and cereals.

Drinks also play a fundamental role. To obtain benefits, nothing better than drinking a lot of water. 2 liters per day is recommended. Accompanying the exercise with a bottle of water on the side is a good option to stay well hydrated.

To get in shape from scratch, it is key to make the decision and start at once. Many times we delay the start of the activity until the idea is diluted and time continues to pass.

At the beginning it costs the organization and also the day, but little by little we began to feel better. It stops being a burden to become enjoyment and even necessity. Dare to start and get in shape!

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