Many of the people today are looking for work and Getir may be the best option, this is a pioneer company when it comes to fast deliveries and good service.

Getir offers a lot of help to all its workers and offers a good pay. Getir is currently looking for workers, in this article you will be shown the steps you must follow so that you can choose one of their jobs.

Is Getir currently hiring? Where can you see the job offers?

Getir delivery service today is hiring new employees due to the expansion that it is having. To get a job in this company you must meet some requirements that are very necessary such as: be of legal age, knowledge of the use of GPS, a very positive and entrepreneurial attitude.

Delivery job offers You can find them through the website of this service. The steps you must follow to see them will be shown below:

  1. Enter the Getir official website. When entering the web page you will find several tabs that are drop-down, you must click on the tab Be part of Getir.
  2. By doing the above, the question “Do you want to join the group?” Will be shown on your computer or phone screen, click yes.
  3. You will be required to fill in filters such as the place where you live, this is very important at the time of awarding the job, since Getir is requesting workers that are in the area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom, which is where this service is working.
  4. The company will also ask you to indicate if you have experience as well as if you are of legal age.
  5. After completing the above, you will be shown all the offers for this job that are in Getir. If you want the Dealer you must select this option and follow the procedure and the filling of the other forms.
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How much does Getir pay its delivery employees?

Pay to Getir employees depends on what type of job they have, for delivery workers the average pay per day is 10.80 euros per hour, per year they receive 10 thousand or 20 thousand euros.

This company also gives all its dealers different bonuses when they have delivered the orders at the corresponding time and satisfactorily.

Where can you apply to become a Getir member?

To apply to be a member of Getir you have to enter the website of this company and fill out the forms.

You can also go to any of the offices that Getir has in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom. These are the ones that are open so far, in these offices you can request more information.

When working with Getir, do you need to have your own car or do they give it to you?

To work at Getir, as in the Glovo service, you do not need to have your own car, the company gives its workers cars with the logo of said company, they also provide you with a team for deliveries as well as advice for it.

This company has the mission to grow, that is why seek to advertise through vehicles and online.

person works as a delivery man in getir

Do they ask you for an entrance fee when you enter Getir to work?

No, to go to work at Getir you do not need to cancel any entrance fee, you just have to meet the requirements that this company demands. Getir gives your entire team the help they need to work smoothly.

Where does the job application have to be sent to work with Getir?

To make and send applications for any of Getir’s jobs, you must enter its official page, fill out the main form that is the job application, after this press Apply for employment.

Then you must fill out another form where your personal data will go, when you have completed this, you must click on the option Submit request. You only have to wait for the response of this company if it grants you the job or not, this response will be sent to the email or phone number that you added in the form of your personal data.