You’ve surely heard of a Sugar daddy or Sugar Mommy Depending on the sex, it is the adult man or woman who is looking for a young companion to establish emotional or sexual bonds in exchange for gifts, travel or money, everything that is left in the agreement with the Sugar Baby.

To change to an exceptional life a Sugar daddy It is the best option, imagine that a man between 40 and 60 years of age with a good economic taxation seeks sexual companionship or a stable relationship with a young woman of legal age with whom he can relive his youth in exchange for compensation.

In which applications can I find a Sugar Daddy?

As there is an app for everything, without a doubt you could not miss one to find your Sugar daddy ideal, then a small list of the most popular.

Sudy It is similar to Tinder with its function of sliding the photo to the right or left, but with certain criteria that make it very original and popular to obtain more than 4 million users with Sugar Daddy users looking for twenty-something among young women.

Therefore, anyone over 18 years of age can download and use the application, like any other dating website, by browsing between profiles.

Seeking is the application for wealthy and successful people looking for attractive Sugar babys or soul mates among the more than 30 million users.

Can you have a Sugar Daddy remotely?

It all depends on the terms that both parties accept, of course it is possible that you can have a kind of distance relationship through an agreement.

It is not something frequent, since most seek physical contact, but there may be men or women with different maturity or way of thinking, which is why they only need one toemotional support and it does not matter that it is through a screen.

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How to register on the My Sugar Daddy platform

To sign up for My Sugar Daddy, There you must specify if you define yourself as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby and register with an email or by linking the Facebook account.

Then enter the password, confirm the password and access the platform by logging in after confirming the email sent to your email. Complete your profile by uploading a photo, and that easy you can already be looking for a Sugar Daddy.

It is important to mention that registration on the platform is free, but in order to communicate you must start paying to guarantee security

What are the most common mistakes when logging into My Sugar Daddy?

It usually happens that when trying to access the application it does not leave you and this may be because My Sugar Daddy you are making some configurations to your site.

sugar daddy

Global debugging on the platform

A large number of users who forget their account for a certain period of time, or violate the community rules, can be deleted and for this reason a global debugging is carried out on the platform, in order to free up space and it can interfere with login.

False information was detected

If your information is not reliable and is detected as false Through the system of the page you will not be able to access the platform in any way until you verify them.

In conclusion, My sugar daddy It has a rigorous security system that verifies that the profiles that have been created in it are real. So it is likely that, if you have not been able to log in, the platform is performing this debugging.

On the other hand, if you cannot open your account after a while, it is likely that the platform have considered your account as false for some mistake. In this case, you should contact the Support team of My Sugar Daddy.