Aloy has come completely to Genshin Impact and not just in the PlayStation version. Now it is available for the rest of platforms and returns with a new web event with which to obtain prizes.

In the following guide we will tell you how to participate in the “Aloy’s Exploration Diary” web event, as well as the minimum requirements and the prizes that we can obtain if we do so. Do not miss it!

How to complete Aloy’s web event

It can access the event from the official website or from the console directly. In order to participate we need to be Adventure Rank 20 As minimum. Once inside the event, we will find a map with different routes that we can unlock, thus obtaining rewards. In the same way as in Horizon, we will find mechanical enemies that we will have to attack at their weak points. In this case we will answering questions.

When we finish a route, we will go unlocking the rest hours later. To unlock the second route you have to wait 11 hours and for the third 35. These correspond to the regions outside Mondstadt, Espinadragón, and the outskirts of Liyue.

Upon completing the event we will obtain the following awards:

protogem x40

shivada jade shard x3

20,000 defaults IF YOU SHARE THE EVENT

Aloy Genshin Impact web event