How to combine your long boho style dresses

How to combine your long boho style dresses

Boho style long dress, here is one wardrobe bottom piece that will never go out of style. Able to survive any trend, the street stylers They have shown us over the years their power of versatility. So much so that it is even perfect to combine it during the coldest days of the year. Whether with high boots, thick sweaters or shearling vests, their ability to combine is infinite.

With a thick vest as a jacket

Vests are enjoying a special privilege this season, showing that they marry everything. So much so, that this piece combines perfectly with this type of dress, becoming a stylish and different tandem.

Boho Style Long Dress Combine 01

With high-heeled sandals and clutch bag for a special event

Although it seems the opposite, these dresses are the most versatile, adapting to all possible situations. So much so, that it can be used to attend a black tie event. Combined with high-heeled sandals and a bag clutch, we will achieve the perfect style for a special date.

Boho Style Long Dress Combine 02

With a thick sweater as a skirt

Playing with the clothes and creating an optical effect, here is the intention of mixing this type of dress with a thick sweater. That the temperatures drop does not mean that we have to dress in a boring way or without originality.

Boho Style Long Dress Combine 03

With a cardigan and high boots

What footwear to choose? This can be a very recurring question when wearing a long boho dress. However, the street style has it clear: with the drop in temperatures, high-heeled boots are the best option. Paired with a thick cardigan and oversize, we will achieve the perfect look to wear 24/7.

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Boho Style Long Dress Combine 04

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