Do you want to change your profile name or your username on TikTok? Then you just need to be clear about what your new profile or username will be, because here we tell you the step by step to replace them.

When you open an account at TikTok, the application asks you for a profile name and a username, the latter is that it starts with an @. But, after a while, maybe you realized that it is not the name or the user that you want to have in TikTok and you no longer identify with them.

For instance, some users entered their real name and now they want to replace it, or maybe you no longer identify with the user and prefer to update it. There are many reasons for wanting to change the username and username in TikTok, but the point is that you want to be known by another name or user.

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The profile name and the user in TikTok, and in any other app, identifies you and is how others will locate you, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them and that it serves to make you known or to match the content you generate.

The good news is that changing your profile name or username in TikTok It is very easy, you just have to follow these simple steps:

1. Open TikTok and give click “I”, then click on “Edit profile” and click on “username”

2. Delete the current name and write the new one and give save, do the same with the usernameor, but remember that this must be unique for TikTok accept it.

How to change your profile name on TikTok

Clever! You already know how to change your profile name on TikTok and also how to replace your username in the app.