If you are one of the people who enjoy the services that Amazon offers for you on a daily basis, perhaps you also want the greatest protection for your account and the ways to achieve this is by changing the access password often.

In this article you will know how to change your Amazon password and keep your data updated step by step. In turn, if you have questions about customer service, you are in the right place to learn a little more about it.

To update your data you just have to access your account and click on “login and security”. Once this is done you can select the option of “Edit” Y add, delete or modify the information you want. In order for you to successfully complete the process and your data can be updated, you must click on “Save changes” and that’s it.

The other setup process that you need to know is to change the password. For this you must go to “login and security“, Click on the password option and select” edit “. After that you must follow some very simple instructions that you can complete if you know your data and finally you must click on “save changes”.

What actions can be performed from the Amazon customer service web server?

Amazon has a customer service that can help you in different areas regardless of the problem you have or give you information you want to know.

This website puts at your disposal different mechanisms so that you can make your purchases safely, comfortable and easy being aware of the status of your orders, putting at your disposal different payment methods, and much more.

Track packages

It is understandable that you want to be aware of the status of your packages, and that is why Amazon gives you the ability to track your orders. However, it also offers the option to cancel or modify them.

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Device support

The option to grant users support for devices It is very efficient when it comes to solving those problems that people may have regarding their equipment.

Add payment methods

As is well known, Amazon handles different payment methods so that you can pay in the way that you see fit. That is why on their platform you can edit them and change the payment method that you want to use when it suits you.

Manage your Amazon Prime account

If you have an Amazon Prime account it is possible that you can be informed about all those benefits they have to offer. You can also carry out the procedure for canceling your membership.


In case you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can request a refund or exchange of one item for another and the printing of labels.

What is the Amazon customer service phone number in Spanish?

Amazon customer service

When they arise drawbacks regarding reimbursement, payment for items or defects in the products that Amazon sells, it is common to want to speak with one of the employees who can help in these cases.

One of the options offered by Amazon to contact this sales website is by phone call. The Amazon customer service phone number is: 911 23 04 13.

After dialing the number, you just have to wait for one of the operators to contact you to be able to clarify your doubts and solve the problems that you present.

How can I access live chat with an Amazon operator?

If what you are looking for is a quick and feasible solution, Amazon offers you its live chat room so that the Customer Service. When writing your query and starting the chat, you just have to wait to be attended.

One of the advantages of live chat is the support of the conversation, since they can send you a transcript of everything to the email that you have affiliate.