One of the best companies in telephony today is undoubtedly Apple, with its line of iPhone smartphones. This is due to the neatness of your system called iOS, together with the aesthetics and functionality of the phone thanks to the components that the company uses to manufacture them.

But there is a certain problem that sometimes occurs in this phone and that is that notifications in some way or another are deactivated and you stop receiving them and one of the applications that receives this problem the most is Instagram. However, it is not an impossible problem to solve. We are going to teach you shortly how can you solve the problem with notifications on your iPhone.

What happens to Instagram push alerts if you have do not disturb mode activated on iPhone?

Yes recently you have bought an iPhone phone And you don’t know what happens to Instagram notifications when you activate do not disturb mode on your phone, you don’t have to worry. Notifications are kept within the application but the phone does not make any kind of sound or give you any notice when you arrive.

That is why you should not worry about what happens to these notifications, since when you enter the Instagram app they will all be here because these will not be deleted.

How do you activate Instagram push notifications from an iPhone?

If for some way you have stopped receiving notifications from the Instagram application on your iPhone and want to reactivate them, here we will show you how you can do it on three of the different iPhone models.

If you have iOS version 13 or 14

If the phone you have has iOS 13 or 14 and after having updated it to this system you have stopped receiving Instagram notifications, you will have to go to phone settings. This is found in the applications menu. In this list of options you will proceed to enter the so-called ‘Notifications’.

Now the list of all the applications from which it is possible to receive a notification will appear and you will enter the Instagram one. Now you will see a switch that will be gray next to a writing that says ‘Allow notifications’, you will touch it to activate Instagram notifications and it will turn green.

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Then you can choose on which type of screen you want to receive notifications, if on the lock screen in the notification center or the notification strips. After this, all notifications will be activated on your iOS 13 or 14 system.

In case of having versions prior to iOS 13

iphone mobile with instagram

In case the phone you have has an iOS system prior to 13, you will be happy to know that the method of activating notifications is the same as that of the iOS 13 and 14 systems. Therefore, follow the same steps as you we mentioned just now and you can enjoy all notifications of the Instagram application.

How to reset network settings to receive push notifications from Instagram iPhone?

There are also other ways you can turn on notifications from Instagram or other apps. If this method that we mentioned above does not work for you, you can try through reset network settings Push notifications on your iPhone.

For this, in the same way you will go to the phone settings and you will go to the option called ‘General’. Now you will touch on the option that says ‘Reset’ and you will have to enter the unlock code for your phone. Then you just have to click on ‘Reset network settings’. In this way, the configuration will be reset and you should start receiving notifications of your applications, including Instagram.

What to do if you continue without receiving push notifications from Instagram on your iOS device?

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It is difficult for this to happen, but there is always some other case in which after having resorted to these two ways of reset notifications of an application and no longer receive them. Therefore, if the case is with the Instagram application, we recommend that you do this.

First you will go to the App Store and here you will make sure that the Instagram application is updated to the most recent version of the app. If you see that the application is updated, you will have to proceed to uninstall it.

To uninstall an application on your iPhone phone, you don’t have to do anything difficult, you just go to press and hold the Instagram application. Then, you will just click on delete app and it will be completely uninstalled. Now that the application is uninstalled, you will go to the App Store and download it again. If the problem still persists, you will head to the Apple technical support and you will explain or expose the problem you are presenting.