How do I create a menu on my Blogger blog? – Step by Step

How do I create a menu on my Blogger blog? – Step by Step

Creating a menu in Blogger is one of the first steps to take into account when customizing a blog. Although you can publish information without having to configure much, having this element will facilitate and improve navigation within the space.

Create the menu you want

Before you can start placing any component, you will need to have logged into Google and go to the Blogger page. Also, obviously and in advance, creating a page on Blogger is essential.

In this way, the exact site that you want to modify will be chosen, so that a side menu is displayed that will include the different options, settings and data concerning the account.

Of all these, you must choose a tab called ” Design “, with a click it will be enough to open the corresponding window.

Next, move the mouse cursor to the section in which you want to create the new Blogger menu, and press ” Add a gadget ” in that place. Adding gadgets to a Blogger blog is easy.

Thus, a window will appear that includes various options to work with, these will be presented with a title and a short description of their function.

The one we need is called “ Pages ” and in its summary, it explains that it shows a list of pages, which is the same as creating a menu in Blogger.

To be able to add it, it will be given on a plus or addition symbol represented by a ” + ” to the right of the chosen element. Then you can start configuring.

How do I create a menu on my Blogger blog? - Step by Step

How to adjust to be able to create a menu in Blogger

Being in the window destined to ” Configure the list of pages ” which was previously selected from the gadgets section, we proceed to customize its visualization.

To do this, the first thing is to determine if you want to change the title of the list to a specific one or keep the default.

As you can see, this step is totally optional, but below it will be positioned the other preferences related to the topic.

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These are, firstly, the pages to display, and secondly, the order that the list or menu will take, which is done by dragging each item to the place you want it to occupy.

On the other hand, if the view of the window is moved, the platform presents a couple of tips regarding the design of the menu within the structure of the blog.

These are that, you can change the appearance of the gadget by dragging or changing the unit to another location.

For example, if you scroll just below the header, it will take on a tabbed layout. Whereas, if you want a list of links, you will have to move to a sidebar.

To finish and create a menu in Blogger, click on the orange button at the bottom left of the window called ” Save “.

Without forgetting to press, within the blog structure and in the design section, the upper orange button will read ” Save design “.

I need a specific link

Although the pages that are published from the blog will be positioned automatically in the list, it is possible that other elements will be added.

These is called direct or concrete links. And generally, they are used to create a link with other platforms.

The last-mentioned could be a Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram and even a specific category of the same Blogger.

In this sense, whatever the reason and the link, it is very easy to include it in the menu. You should only work from the same option ” Design ” and in the aforementioned gadget.

That is, when “ Add a gadget ” and in “ Pages ”, or in “ Edit ” the one previously added. Thus, within this section, there will be a section on the left called ” Pages to display “.

Where the option ” Add external link ” is chosen so that a window is displayed in which the link or link you want is entered.

Similarly, it can be assigned a title and then click on ” Save the link “, followed by ” Save ” and ” Save design.