Corel Photo-Paint is a very complete program, it allows you to create and save custom brushes from a mask in Corel Photo-Paint. Did you know that it even gives you the opportunity to design your own brush?

The brush is the tool that most characterizes this program. When you’re fluent in it, you can add brush strokes to a path and import and export it with Photo-Paint, and even create and edit with the image sprayer brush using Photo-Paint.

Equally important is the handling of images. It is recommended to know how to correct images with the Photo-Paint effects tool, and how to make an image transparent with the brush tool in Photo-Paint. But you will see that later, today you will learn about custom brushes based on a mask.

Create and save custom brushes from a mask in Corel Photo-Paint

Creating your own custom brush or brushes from a selected area with Corel Photo-Paint is possible, you can even save them and thus use them in the future. How do you do it? We will teach you quickly and easily:

Modify a set from an existing one:

How can I create and save custom brushes from a mask in Corel Photo-Paint

  • Copy and paste your decoration into a new Corel Photo-Paint document. Create a layer or new object in the object manager, this is applicable for each set to work; Well, to modify an image this action is always necessary.
  • To remove some parts of the decoration use the selection tool, select the area by clicking on it, then remove them with the erase tool.

Design custom brushes from a mask

Create mask from object

Right-click on the layer of the decoration that you want to modify, click on the option create mask from object. See the paint tool found on the property bar on the left side of the program, then click on accept.

Go to the top and click on create brushes and then in brushes category, in the left list choose a category between artist brush, airbrush, pencil, pen, marker, highlighter, chalk, and in the list on the right side select the tip and the design that best suits your image.

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Brush settings

Go to the dockable windows option by clicking on the window tab, their select brush settings. Immediately another window called Brush Settings will be displayed, there go to Nib Properties and click on nib options. A sub-menu will be displayed, click on Create from the content of the mask.

In the dialog box, click on Pen Size to adjust the size of the area of ​​your brush, click on OK. Now you can define the shape of the brush in nib properties, such as transparency, rotation, smoothness, elongation, or smooth edge. You can also define other attributes such as stroke attributes, brushstroke attributes, brush texture, color variation.

Adjust attributes

To the stroke attributes, you can adjust the smoothing or blending. In brushstroke attributes, you can define Number of brushstrokes, Spacing, Extension, Hue, Saturation or Lightness.

In brush texture, you can set Brush texture, Border texture, Bleed and Keep color. And the Color Variation section will allow you to define Hue Range, Hue Rate, Saturation Range, Saturation Rate, Lightness Range and Lightness Speed.

Save the brush

Go to stroke style and tap there. Now click save brush. Then a dialog box will ask you for the name of the file, write a name that identifies it and click on accept.

Once your custom brush is saved, it will be available to you when working on future documents; You can also configure it to your liking by changing its diametertransparency, and foreground color.

How can I create and save custom brushes from a mask in Corel Photo-Paint

To configure other decorations for your custom brushes, you must repeat the process, but keep in mind that you must do it on each layer separately. And when saving the brush, you must give it a different file name than the other brush names.

Thanks to this post, you can now create and save custom brushes from a mask in Corel Photo-Paint. Then get creative when designing the most decorative brushes, as well as highlight frames.