hesitating customers is your marketing strategy

hesitating customers is your marketing strategy

Irony is part of the imagination of Spanish bars, but social networks can take the classic “today I don’t trust, tomorrow I will” to unsuspected limits. They know it well in the cafeteria 55 avenue, from Logroño, where they have turned trolling for their clients into a powerful marketing.

Yesterday a Twitter user, named Pizarrín, hung a photo of a ticket from the aforementioned bar in which a One euro supplement for ordering the omelette without onion. Given the cold war that they have kept for decades concebollists and sincebollists the tweet went viral in a matter of hours.

What few suspected is that Pizzarín is actually the owner of the bar, Alberto Alvarez Morillas, who tends to play this type of joke on his clients – even if he does not charge them the euro afterwards.

“The omelette is always made with onion, but there is always some weird”, explains Álvarez. “We are like to give up sales, but at least you have to hesitate. Always from affection, but hesitating ”.

Discount for ugly

This small family cafeteria, located in a place adjacent to Mercadona, has made irony and hesitation a hallmark of the house. Doing even homemade video clips with your customers. And they have been great.

The name Álvarez uses comes from the blackboard he has in the bar, on which he usually writes the hesitant of the day. You won’t find “smile please” messages there. Mr. Wonderful is not his style. On the blackboard, which can be seen from the Mercadona, you can read things like: “We inform our new WC customers that they can also use the cafeteria service.”

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But his great success, which came out on all national televisions, was the feast of the ugly. “400 people came and you declared yourself ugly, they deducted 10 cents and you entered the raffle for a potato omelette, a bottle of wine and a case of beer. We do the feast of the ugly once a year ”.

It is important to highlight

Avenida 55 is now a very popular bar in Logroño, where it has won five consecutive years the public award for best potato omelette (with onion, of course) in the contest organized by Degusta La Rioja.

And Álvarez is clear that this would not have been possible without the complicity of customers, which has been won by prodding them a bit. “We are always doing these things and it has been very good for the business,” explains the hotelier. There are 1,000 bars in La Rioja, and this, that we are five, helps us to have people. There has been a lot of uncertainty and from the humor, at least the battle is more fun ”.

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