Here the first trailer of Exoprimal

Here the first trailer of Exoprimal

The State of Play kicked off in a big way revealing the first look at exoprimala new Capcom IP, which is coming to PS4, PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime in 2023. Although due to the similarities one could think that it is a spin-off of Dino Crisis, this will not be the case. Instead, this title will be a 5v5 multiplayer.

This is the official description of exoprimal:

“The year is 2040, the planet is in crisis. Dinosaurs are appearing out of nowhere and rampaging through cities all over the world. Threatened by history’s deadliest creatures, the world turns to the mighty Aibius Corporation and its revolutionary technology. The company’s next-generation artificial intelligence, called Leviathan, can predict where dinosaur invasions will occur and send Exosoldiers to the region. Outfitted in modern battle armor known as Exo Armor, these warriors represent humanity’s last hope.”

This is a title that combines cooperative and competitive elements. In the main mode, Jurassic Tide, 5v5 teams battle it out to accomplish a series of objectives. Each player takes the place of an exosol, who have access to exoarmors, which have different abilities and roles that they can fulfill. While the focus is on multiplayer, there is also a main story that unfolds through different missions.

exoprimal It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime in 2022.


Via: State of Play

Here the first trailer of Exoprimal

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