Netflix tries again with terror after the nonsense of the second season of The curse of Bly Manor (Nobody is going to convince me that the script was not written by an algorithm made with common places from the history of the genre). For this, the streaming platform has also counted on Mike Flanagan, responsible for the aforementioned and a notable The curse of Hill House. With these credentials he reaches the screens Midnight mass.

The critics have put this miniseries (without a doubt, the fashionable format) by the clouds. However, it also comes with such tough competition on television as the 10 seasons of American horror story. Midnight Mass differs from this in practically everything but, especially, in its dense dialogues and scenes that do not seem to have special relevance at first but that will take on a new meaning towards the end.

Speaking in Christian: the series is slow and requires a concentrated and attentive viewer who can endure the tedium until they get into the story (something that may not happen until the third chapter). The payoff is worth it. So it is better to face the viewing knowing that each phrase (even the most everyday ones) and scene has some purpose. The good thing about this is that it is one of those fictions that can be seen multiple times and that, in fact, their understanding is enriched by this repetition.

Midnight Mass 1

It all starts with Ridley, a man with an alcohol problem who is released from prison after causing a fatal traffic accident. It is then that he returns to his homeland on Crockett Island, a small island with a population that barely exceeds one hundred. Nevertheless, the true story will end up becoming that of Father Paul, the new and beloved parish priest, capable of working miracles.

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And this is a series that, in addition to picking up the witness of Fleabag and The Young Pope with the theme of hot priest that we did not know how much we liked it, it is based on the religious terror (and we can’t count much more without doing spoilers, but maybe you should watch it if you liked it Twilight). All this to talk about faith and death, addiction and redemption. And give you a scare that another in between.

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