GTA Online prepares for a big change

GTA Online prepares for a big change


Almost a decade ago GTA V was launched on the market, bringing with it a novelty in the series that, knowing what it was going to cause or not, gave rise to Rockstar made big money. The way they have done it has been through GTA Online, which has ended up becoming one of the biggest phenomena of the decade and has brought together millions of fans around the world.

Under this same premise, it is true that little by little Rockstar will be preparing for the arrival of GTA VI, thus giving rise to GTA Online support deflating. However, far from this happening in the short term, there are signs that we could see what’s new in GTA Online in the coming weeks.

GTA Online will continue to have support and support from Rockstar until GTA VI arrives

This has been known through the Twitter account of the insider known as Tez2, who is known to be one of the most reliable sources regarding Rockstar. In this way, making use of the aforementioned social network, he would have commented that something new is coming to GTA Online in about two weeks or so.

It should be noted that no further details have been given in this regard with regard to the content of these newsbut that doesn’t mean that, knowing Tez2’s background, it’s quite likely that let’s see something new in GTA Online in this time period.

As for what the rumors are talking about, which we recommend taking with tweezers until official information is given, it is speculated that GTA Online will expand its map adding Liberty City, this being a city already known for being the fictional adaptation of New York in the GTA universe. It will be necessary to see if this rumor ends up being confirmed or not, although we will be attentive to any possible surprise that may occur in the coming days.

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For the rest, remember that GTA VI is currently in development without knowing anything about its content or the consoles it will reach.

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